Spoiler Warning: The content includes plot and ending details for MacGyver.

George Eads quit the CBS drama series MacGyver in 2018 after being part of the show for three seasons.

Eads portrayed the character of Jack Dalton, the number two to central character MacGyver played by actor Lucas Till in the show, which is a reboot of the 1985 original series.

On November 26, 2018, The Hollywood Reporter reported Eads was leaving the show.

Why Did George Eads Leave MacGyver?

Reportedly, the former CSI actor had a loud on-set argument in October 2018.

As a result, Eads walked off from the show's set in Atlanta while having numerous production hours remaining for the day.

However, despite having an altercation, the actor returned to finish the production and appeared in his final episode titled 'Father+Bride+Betrayal,' which aired during season three in 2019.

Before his dispute, the actor had already asked showrunner Peter Lenkov to quit the drama series, The Hollywood Reporter mentioned in their report.

Actor George Eads in the show MacGyver

George Eads in the show 'MacGyver.' (Photo Credit: YouTube)

Eads was ultimately told to see out his remaining contract by the show's producers.

As per reports, the primary reason for the actor to quit the show was understood to be his desire to spend time with his young daughter in Los Angeles.

Interesting, Eads' character Dalton was revisited during season five in 2021.

In episode five, titled 'Jack + Kinematics + Safe Cracker + MgKNO3 + GTO,' the actor made his appearance as Dalton for one final time.

Eads' character came full circle after his fate was revealed. It was discovered that he died working undercover during his hunt for the world's most dangerous terrorist, Tiberius Kovac.

What Is George Eads Doing Now?

Eads leaving MacGyver wasn't the first time he asked to leave an ongoing production.

In 2013, the actor had an on-set clash with one of the show's writers as he was unhappy with the creative direction of his character in the long-running crime-based series CSI.

Later, reports emerged that the writer with whom he had his dispute was pregnant.

Because of his actions, Eads ended up having a meeting with the show's then-showrunner, Carol Mendelsohn, where he threatened to leave the popular show.

Consequently, Eads was temporarily suspended but later returned to continue working in the show. However, he eventually quit CSI in season fifteen in 2015.

Actor George Eads Of MacGyver

George Eads Of 'MacGyver' posing for a photograph. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

And since leaving MacGyver, the actor has been spotted in a handful of roles.

In 2019, he was first seen as General Stevens in The Battle of Janjsari, and later, in 2020-2021, the actor played the role of Coach in the television series This Is Us.

Getting to Know George Eads' Jack Dalton

In the show MacGyver, Dalton was portrayed as an agent of The Phoenix Foundation with an impressive military background.

Initially, he was a part of an elite international task force which he left after he was tasked with taking down a suicidal terrorist called Kovac.

Unfortunately, Kovac blew himself up during the operation and killed Dalton alongside him.

Twist of plot, Kovac was discovered to be a fake online persona of corrupt Croatian government officers.

Later, The Phoenix Foundation avenged Dalton's death by destroying their operation and imprisoning Anya Vitez, the mastermind behind Kovac.