On January 20, 2022, Gemma Collins took to her official Instagram account to post a picture showcasing her weight loss.

In the photo, the television star was seen posing for a photograph in front of her blinds in a black outfit.

"Look at my fabulous new blinds," she wrote in the first sentence of her long caption.

While the post was made to promote the window shades by Swift Direct Blinds, her fans noticed her loss of weight.

"Wow, look amazing gem," wrote one of her followers. At the same time, another complimented her looks by comparing her to Khloe Kardashian. Likewise, another Instagram user called her a "stunning queen."

Three days prior, i.e., on January 17, 2022, the forty-year-old posted a throwback clip recorded during one of her vacations two years ago.

Gemma Collins' weight loss visible in her latest picture.

Gemma Collins' significant weight loss is noticeable in her recent photo. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

In the video, Collins was seen enjoying the sunshine at a beach in her black swimsuit.

Her physical transformation can be clearly noticed when her looks over time are compared.

Gemma Collins' Weight Loss Journey

Collins, often seen exercising in her trainers, has spent the last few years achieving significant weight loss.

During her participation in 2018's reality series Dancing On Ice, the reality television star underwent exhausting three-hour sessions on the ice with skate partner Matt Evers.

While on the show, Collins was understood to be losing around 1500 calories per session.

Many seemingly consider this the start of her journey toward losing weight.

Since exiting from the show, she has upped her exercise routine with a significant change in eating habits.

"Remember why you started," Collins wrote on her social media page, posting a recording of her workout with a dumbbell in March 2021.

Later in August 2021, the TOWIE star shared her fitness regimen on social media. 

In the video, she was seen exercising in her garden, donning black and grey leggings with a crop top.

Collins explained the workout and showcased doing her floor lunges and the use of a kettlebell while talking to the camera.

While she looked happy and content with the outcome, her commitment toward losing most of her weight was second to none.

During the same time, she posted a video captioned, "Motivation for you HUNS," where she was spotted walking in her garden swimming pool as a part of her rigorous workout. 

Collins reportedly began selling her size twenty-six clothes after gaining three stone weight loss.

She also kept her old T-shirts, dresses, and swimwear for sale on her clothing site Depop for £10 each.

Collins advertised her fabrics as "only worn once for filming" to her 24,000 followers on the e-commerce webpage, most of them made by her Gemma Collins Boutique.

Gemma Collins Has Undergone Facial Treatment

Collins recently revealed she had undergone treatment involving anti-wrinkle injections in her face to give her a youthful look.

Posting on her Instagram story, the television personality showed the process of having mesofiller injections at the Orocum Clinic based in Crouch End, North London.

However, she stressed the injections were not filler or Botox, instead non-surgical that injects potent molecules into the skin to help it tighten.

At the same time, she promoted the treatment calling it a new product on the market which gives a nice and youthful look without making one's face look pumped or filled up.

"This is the new thing to have for keeping young without all the fake look," she further said, ensuring it would improve elasticity and firmness.

Toward the end, Collins winked at the camera, saying she could be looking like a supermodel the following morning.