Garcelle Beauvais is a mother to three children whom she welcomed from her previous two relationships.

The RHOBH star, 55, welcomed her first child, son Oliver Saunders, with her first husband, Daniel Saunders, in 1991.

She then gave birth to twin sons, Jax Joseph and Jaid Thomas Nilon, on October 18, 2007, when she was married to her second husband, Mike Nilon.

Since her marriages ended in divorce for various reasons, Beauvais is seemingly co-parenting her children with her ex-husbands.

That said, she is also dating men hoping to find an ideal partner and relationship. But she is not committed to anyone and describes herself as single.

Garcelle Beauvais on Balancing Being a Mom and Dating

Speaking with Bravo Insider in March 2021, she opened up about her turn-ons and turnoffs in a relationship and how she balanced being a mom and dating.

“Do you want to know what it’s like to be single in LA? You’ve come to the right girl,” she voiced before spilling all about her life as a single mom and dating.

Beauvais first shared that she preferred to keep her dating life away from her kids, as she didn’t want her kids to see their mom going out with men.

She, therefore, only introduced her children to her beaus when she felt the guy was trustworthy and stuck around her for a long time.

Besides, the reality TV star said she called her boyfriend home for a private time when her children were away with their father.

Challenges of Being a Single Mom

In October 2019, the fashion model spoke with Bravo and noted her challenges as a single mom.

“I think some of the challenges of being a single parent is wanting to do everything well all the time. Be there at every game, every class, [and] event — and I think realistically you can’t,” she described.

Garcelle Beauvais and her twin sons at Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere.

Garcelle Beauvais and her twin children at Spider-Man: Homecoming premiere. (Photo: Instagram)

According to her, she had days when she felt proud of what she did for her kids and wanted to give a pat on her back by herself.

But there were also days when she went to her bed with tears because she felt she didn’t handle things properly. 

Thoughts on Getting Married Again

Beauvais was asked if she would get married again during the earlier conversation with Bravo Insider. She answered the question by saying that she was looking forward to getting a husband.

Even though she always thought she wouldn’t get married again, the pandemic made her think otherwise.

“I thought a committed relationship is all that I need, but since COVID[19] and [the] pandemic and seeing what life is like, I think I would get married if and when the right person comes along,” she explained.

But again, she was not interested in getting married to someone she barely knew or wasn’t honest about things.

Beauvais previously tied the knot with her first husband Saunders, a producer, in 1991; and later divorced in 2000.

She was then married to talent agent Nilon between 2001 and 2011.