Francia Raisa has not been spotted with any possible boyfriend or partner in the last few years. Due to that, her relationship status remains unknown among her fans.

Not just that, the How I Met Your Father actress has not opened up regarding the same for a long time.

The last time she talked about her personal life and admitted she was single was during her interview with ET Online in April 2020.

Francia Raisa on Being Open to Dating

After revealing her relationship status as single, Raisa told ET Online that she was open to dating if she found her perfect boyfriend.

Besides, she implied that she was planning to join a dating app but hadn't done it until then.

"I'm not on an app. I've been thinking about going on an app. I've been thinking about going on Raya. I just haven't done it yet," she admitted while adding she was "definitely open to" pursuing a new relationship.

Raisa, best known for her role as Adrian Lee in The Secret Life of the American Teenager, also revealed why she felt she was ready to settle down.

The actress shared she had been dating her whole life and had never been engaged or married. And as she was turning 32 (in July 2020), she felt she had learned a lot in her life to handle a permanent relationship.

Francia Raisa's Ideal Boyfriend and Relationship

During the aforementioned conversation, Raisa was asked about her ideal boyfriend and relationship. In response, Raisa had a clear answer, implying she had a list of things she wanted in her Mr. right and future relationship. 

She shared that she wanted three things in her boyfriend — and that is "pursue, provide, [and] protect."

"Those are three things I want in a partner, but I also want to be able to provide that to a partner," she added honestly.

An Instagram picture of Francia Raisa.

An Instagram picture of Francia Raisa. (Photo: Instagram)

In addition, Raisa stated she had learned that "what I need" versus "what I want from a partner" were hugely different things, just like "what I need" versus "what people want from me as a partner."

She also noted she knew how to keep her distance from someone who was not going to work out and not mess with them again.

Francia Raisa Previously Dated Chris Adkins

Even though Raisa's relationship status remains under wraps, she openly dated her ex boyfriend, Chris Adkins, in 2017.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, the actress had even posted a holiday portrait of herself and Adkins in Indianapolis.

According to E! News, the couple was spotted in Indianapolis enjoying 12-degree weather. Their PDA-packed moment was later seen in one of their Instagram stories.

The same report revealed that Adkins worked behind the scenes as a cinematographer. No prizes for guessing that while he operated on ABC's Black-ish, his partner worked on that show's spin-off Grown-ish.

In addition, he reportedly loves traveling the world and posts videos and pictures from his travel on his Instagram.