FaZe Jev grew up without a dad, and in a video titled "Parents" that the YouTuber uploaded for Father's day back in 2016, he tried to put into words how he felt about it. 

Despite not knowing his own dad, Jev was quick to wish all of his fans and followers a happy Father's Day fairly early on in the video. 

Why FaZe Jev Made The "Parents" Video

After he got the greetings out of the way, he jumped right into why he thought he needed to make a video about his parents. 

Jev addressed how the last time he made a Father's Day video, it was a standard commentary video talking about that day and how his father wasn't around as he grew up.

However, this time around, he wanted to explain things in a bit more detail. 

The famed YouTuber also noted that he was not and did not make videos like this one to garner pity for himself.

Instead, he did it to let other people — people who'd been through the same things — know that they weren't alone. 

FaZe Jev's Dad Walked Out on Him

Jev reached out with kind words and said he understood that not having a father figure or mother figure in one's life could have a significant impact on who they were as a person. 

Still, Jev considered himself lucky that his grandparents took him in after his dad had just walked out of his life. 

"Honestly, I don't even know the whole story," he admitted. 

He just knew that his father wasn't around for much, and although they had talked a couple of times, they never really had a conversation. 

FaZe Jev Appreciates His Grandparents

Jev also extended his appreciation for the "real" parents who took children in when these kids were without parents for a multitude of reasons. 

That was his segue into talking about his grandparents, who filled the parents-shaped void he had growing up. 

"To be honest, I know it's Father's Day but without both of my grandparents I wouldn't be the person that I am today," Jev candidly shared, "I wouldn't have grown up as well as I did."

Thanks to his grandparents, Jev was kept from having a difficult childhood. He was grateful for the fact that he had a sheltered life and food in his stomach every single day. 

He affirmed that his grandparents did a great job raising him, and any and all stupid things that he went on to do as an adult were his fault. 

For FaZe Jev, His Grandfather Was His Dad

Jev also projected a scenario where he was raised by someone else, say, his biological father.

The YouTuber could not even imagine the kind of person he would have grown up to become.

I'm really happy with who I am right now, and I may have been a completely different person if I were raised under different circumstances.

He also acknowledged how his grandparents had done everything for him, even though they were not obliged to.

And in so doing, to this day, Jev saw his grandfather as a father figure; the only father figure in his life.

Towards the end, he urged everyone watching his video to be thankful to have a parental figure in their lives because "you owe a part of your identity to these people."