Recently, Bryce Hall and Faith Ordway have been at each other's necks. The TikTokers have been beefing after Ordway accused him of pressing to kiss him on camera. 

It all started after the two appeared on Tommy Unold's hot tub stream on Twitch. And now, the two are going back and forth at each other on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. 

Here is everything you need to know about this messy situation. 

What Happened Between Bryce Hall and Faith Ordway?

Ordway took to TikTok to expose Hall after people wondered why she left Tommy Unold's hot tub stream. Ordway left the stream before it began, and Hall said she left because she was mad. 

He further said that she was angry at a "salty remark" that he could not share. Ordway said she left because "Bryce Hall is a trashbag human."


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She explained on TikTok that Hall wanted her to kiss him on the stream for his YouTube video as clickbait. However, Ordway did not want to kiss him on the lips. 

Therefore, she kissed him on his cheeks to "come to a common understanding." Her kissing his cheeks is currently the thumbnail for Hall's YouTube video titled 'WE DID THIS IN A HOT TUB!'

Towards the end of the video, she suggests if the two wanted to do shots off her body for content. The two boys were shocked by her suggestions and then revealed how she had denied giving Hall a peck on the lips. 

For Tommy Unold's hot tub stream, Ordway did not want to "do anything sexual for entertainment." The boys told her she could do whatever she wanted. 

She planned to make the stream humourous, and Tommy Unold told them they needed to end it with a bang. That was when Hall suggested Ordway kiss him. 

He called her names and said that all the girls who had done so had a successful career because of him. Hall told that Ordway had sent him a paragraph about wanting to be intimate with him on the stream. 

However, she exposed the texts between her and Hall where there was no paragraph. She also asked his videographer to remove the thumbnail from his video, but Hall denied it. 

Bryce Hall's Response To Faith Ordway 

Hall stitched Ordway's TikTok and transitioned when she said she did not want to "do anything sexual for entertainment." Hall said it was understandable and then showed a video of Ordway twerking.   

He also tweeted that Ordway was lying for clout and said they both know what happened off the internet.

He implied she was trying to portray herself in a good light and said that "lying women like Faith Ordway try to create a false narrative to boost their 'career'."


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Hall went on TikTok live and explained the situation. He said he had been spending nights with Ordway, and she was his "sneaky link."

Hall said that Ordway knew what she was going into since she had watched Tommy Unold's previous streams. He accused Ordway of pretending to be innocent online, but she was not.

He then said she was creating "false narratives online," and that he did not beg to kiss her. Hall pointed out that Ordway kissing him would get people talking about them. 

He also said Ordway had told her many things, including her political views, to mess up her career. However, Hall said he would not reveal them because he was "a little bit mature."

On January 2, 2022, Hall uploaded TikTok videos addressing the situation again. He accused Ordway of "exposing guys" for monetary gain.


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He admitted that the text he revealed on the stream was fake, and he told his videographer not to change the thumbnail for the video. 

He ended his video implying that he was filing a defamation lawsuit against her for the false accusations.

Ordway responded to Hall and talked about consent. She accused him of pressuring her into doing something she was not comfortable with.

She admitted that she had hooked up with Hall previously, but she did not consent to kiss him on camera. Ordway also called out Unold for not supporting her.

She said she was not a bad person and would take a break from the internet for a while.