Gregory Ezra Clark, more popularly known by his artist name Ezra Waters, is a TikToker and music artist. Over the years, he had built up a sizable presence on TikTok with over 139,000 followers and 5 million likes. However, Waters removed his account following allegations of sexual assault from two women.

Nadine Milad, another TikTok user, made allegations against Waters on November 4 claiming she had been a victim of sexual assault from Waters. She shared Waters came to comfort her after her dog was put down and started “humping” her legs when she attempted to sleep.


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Waters continued his acts even after she expressed she was uncomfortable with him. Milad added that he eventually left after realizing “he wasn’t going to get what he wanted.”

Milad wasn’t the only one who came out saying they had been abused by Waters. On November 7, Milad shared another accusation against him from a woman named Sheree Brooks.

She met Ezra through TikTok, that’s where he gets a lot of his victims. He physically assaulted her, in his room, digitally, if you know what I mean. The trauma, and her injuries, are so bad that she’s still recovering from that. This happened about a week ago.

Milad also shared a screen recording of messages between her and Sheree while also linking a GoFundMe for the latter. The fundraiser page has a goal of raising $5,000 for Sheree, who is saying she will use the fund to find housing for herself and cover the medical bills to have her injuries taken care of.


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Various other internet personalities on different platforms of the internet have spoken up against Waters. TikToker Caileneasely, who has over 1 million followers, reposted Milad’s videos and showed her support for Milad and Sheree.

A user on Twitter also called out Waters for sexually abusing women and stressed how these things deserved more attention.

That and also a ezra.waters on tiktok has also been exposed for SA’ing a woman. We need to talk about how even these ‘socially conscious’ people on the internet are DANGEROUS.

Where Is Ezra Waters?

Following the allegations, Waters has removed his TikTok, Twitter and Instagram accounts, all of which he used to be active on. However, his SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify are still available to the public.

It’s been claimed that Waters’ sexual abuse incidents have been reported to the authorities and that they are conducting an investigation into the accusations. Waters hasn’t made any comments on the sexual abuse allegations made against him and his current situation is not known.