Ezra Miller got themself in some hot water after their misconduct and harassment in a Hawaii bar on March 27, 2022. Every outlet is on their tail for the unruly act.

However, people on Twitter are worried about something other than their actions. They are up in arms about how major outlets are misgendering them.

During the reporting of these events, some publications have used the wrong pronouns, and it's creating an uproar on Twitter.

Twitterati Angry at Ezra Miller Being Misgendered

As soon as articles about Miller's bad behavior started surfacing, people started noticing inconsistencies and outright mistakes in reporting their pronouns.

Major publications, like New York Post, for example, addressed Miller as he/him when in fact, the actor uses they/them.

Their Instagram bio reveals the entirety of pronouns they prefer — they/them/its/ze.

As for the unaware among us, 'ze' and 'zir' are neo-pronouns. These are pronouns invented for personal use without expressing gender.

These mistakes outraged Twitter. And they are voicing their opinion on the same.

"i know what they did is awful, but the amount of people i'm seeing using incorrect pronouns for ezra miller right now," one user wrote. "misgendering is never okay in any circumstance and hurts the other trans ppl that see it"

Many others echoed similar sentiments. They were not for their actions but for calling them by their preferred pronouns.

"Quick reminder: Ezra Miller uses they/them pronouns and doesn't identify as a man or woman. Now get their ass," another tweeted.

"ezra miller uses they/them pronouns. do i condone their actions? hell no. but that does not give me the go ahead to misgender them," a third wrote. They further opined that someone's identity was not a privilege and that it should not have to be earned.

Another person pointed out the irony in the "Snyder cultists" loving The Flash scene winning the Twitter vote at the Oscars but not knowing Miller's pronouns.

People were also happy at how everyone was respecting Miller's pronouns and identity while still calling them out for what they deemed bad actions.

But not everyone was on the same page regarding this. There were a few users who did not care about their pronouns or the outrage about it.

About Ezra Miller's Sexuality and Pronouns

Ezra Miller first came out as queer in 2012. They made this announcement during a conversation with Out Magazine that year.

Talking about their identity, they told Hollywood Reporter in November 2018, "Queer just means no, I don't do that. I don't identify as a man. I don't identify as a woman."

Ezra Miller's fans and other Twitter users are outraged by major outlets' failure to use their preferred they/them pronouns.

Ezra Miller's fans and Twitter users alike are outraged by major outlets' failure to use their preferred they/them pronouns. (Photo: Instagram)

"I barely identify as a human," they added.

Miller was arrested on March 27 on disorderly conduct and harassment charges in South Hilo, Hawaii. They were causing havoc at a local bar.

The actor was taken into custody by local law enforcement but is not in jail. Miller paid their $500 bail and was released subsequently.