Rapper Everlast's marriage did not last forever.

Lisa Schrody, his wife, has filed for divorce, marking an end to their almost-3-year marriage.

However, even if the news is recently coming out, things between them had ended months before.

Everlast's Wife Lisa Schrody Filed for Divorce

TMZ exclusively reported about Schrody and Everlast's divorce on March 24, 2022. In their reporting, they gave a few details on the legal matters of the case.

According to the outlet's report, Schrody had cited "irreconcilable differences," the usual go-to in celebrity divorces, as the cause.

Everlast's wife was also seeking spousal support. But she wanted that to be a one-way thing.

She also wanted the court not to consider any chance of him getting any support in their split.

As for their children, of which they have two, Schrody was seeking joint legal and physical custody of their little girls.

Even though TMZ broke the news on March 24, the documents revealed that the date of separation was listed as December 8, 2021. This means their separation stayed a private thing for over three months.

Schrody had initiated the divorce filings, and she did so at a California courthouse.

In their report, TMZ claimed they had reached out to Everlast for his side of the story but had gotten no response.

Everlast and Wife Lisa Schrody's Family Life

Everlast, whose birth name is Erik Francis Schrody, and Lisa Schrody tied the knot in 2009. She is a former Penthouse model — she worked for the men's magazine in April 2005 under the pseudonym Cassia Riley.

Lisa Schrody, Everlast's wife, filed for divorce after nearly 13 years of marriage.

Lisa Schrody, Everlast's wife, filed for divorce after nearly 13 years of marriage. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

They have two daughters, Laila and Sadie. Laila was 12 years old when the couple filed for divorce, and Sadie was nine.

Laila was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when she was a mere infant. An obstetrician gave him this news on the phone.

But, as the rapper wrote in his piece for Daily Beast in 2016, he did not know what the condition was before this. So, he googled it, and his heart sank.

"I remember the numb feeling that washed over me as I read about all the complications (diabetes and lung transplants) and the life expectancy (30 years, if you were lucky)," he wrote. "I remember thinking, 'Am I seriously contemplating my newborn's mortality right now?"'

He and his wife immediately became germ freaks and created a bubble for Laila and his family. She had undergone four surgeries by the time she was five years old.

Besides this, Laila had always struggled with her weight. She had struggled emotionally, too, and sometimes got angry at her own predicament.

The family spent a lot of time getting used to their new reality, but Everlast regretted none of it.

"Nothing I have ever done or will ever do will be more important to me than being a Dad," he penned at the end of his writing.