Evander Kane married his estranged wife, Anna Kane, in 2018. However, their marriage was never stable.

The couple first made the headlines when the professional ice hockey left-winger announced that Anna had a miscarriage at 26 weeks — with a daughter they named Eva — on March 14, 2019. But on July 3, 2020, they welcomed a daughter, Kensington.

Despite that, their marriage remained a topic of discussion for all the wrong reasons.


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Anna Kane Filed for Divorce from Evander Kane

Continuous differences between Evander and Anna eventually led the hockey professional's wife to file for divorce on July 16, 2021.

According to TMZ, she alleged her husband was cheating with one of his ex-girlfriends in her divorce documents.

But the publication also clarified that a source stated Evander only reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Mara Teigen after Anna filed for divorce. The former lovers reportedly reconnected on social media after not speaking to each other for more than six years.


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Evander also moved out of the house he shared with Anna since the divorce was filed.

Evander Kane’s Estranged Wife Accused Evander of Betting on Games

After she filed for the divorce, Evander's wife Anna took to her Instagram stories in late July to claim that the San Jose Sharks forward was a gambling addict who tanked his own team’s games to make money.

She also stated that he abandoned her with their baby at a party in Europe while their house was being "taken by the bank."

So you leave July 8th. You do not call or text at all for 7 days. Then you inform me you are going to Europe for a vacation must be nice, but at the same time tell me our house is being taken by the bank.

Read her complete statement in the image below:

Evander Kane's wife Anna Kane shared a statement alleging the forward was a gambling addict.

Evander Kane's wife, Anna Kane, shared a statement alleging the forward was a gambling addict. (Photo: Anna Kane's Instagram) 

Also, keep in mind that Anna was reported to be pregnant with the couple's other baby at the time.

She then dropped another bombshell in her next post, writing, "How does the NHL let a compulsive gambling addict still play when he's obviously throwing games to win money. Hmm maybe someone needs to address this."

In another post, she added, "Can someone ask (Commissioner) Gary Bettman how they let a player gamble on his own games? Bet and win with bookies on his own games?"

Evander and his representatives quickly denied the allegations made by Anna, with the 30-year-old left-winger releasing a statement. He claimed he had never bet or gambled on hockey, adding his estranged wife's claims were motivated by distress related to their ongoing divorce.

Meanwhile, the National Hockey League's investigation committee conducted "a full investigation" on the allegations, and on September 22, 2021, they released their findings, clearing Evander from the gambling allegation.

Evander Kane Reveals His Wife Faked Her Pregnancy

In the recent development of Evander and Anna's divorce drama, the Vancouver native revealed — in the new court documents obtained by TMZ — that his wife faked her pregnancy the last few months.

He came up with the truth while asking the judge to take her mental exam to prove if she is fit enough to care for their daughter.


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Evander further explained that he believed Anna was pregnant with their second child, due in February 2022, until earlier this month. But when he went through the recent medical bills, he found out that she had an abortion way back in July.

Anna admitted that she had an abortion in July, saying, "I was less than forthcoming with [Evander] with regards to my decision." Further, she accepted that she didn't tell her estranged husband or the court about the details prior.

The divorce case is yet to have a final hearing.