Lesley Murphy is a travel blogger and reality TV personality best known for The Bachelor franchise. She appeared on the seventeenth season of The Bachelor and The Bachelor Winter Games.

She walked out alone from The Bachelor 17 after being eliminated in week 7. However, she ended up dating Dean Unglert from the spinoff. The pair dated for a few months before their eventual breakup.

After her split from Unglert, the travel blogger started dating Alex Kavanagh, a certified drone pilot. Kavanagh is also a successful businessperson. He is the Founder & Creative Director of Drone Gear and Media Story Group. 

Murphy and Kavanagh started dating in late 2018. Two years later, they got engaged on February 4, 2020. Soon after, the pair announced they were pregnant with their first child.

The soon-to-be-married couple welcomed their daughter, Nora Blanche, on February 12, 2021. While the day Nora was born was the happiest day for the duo, the past five months have not been easy for them. 

36 Hours of Craziness 

For the past months, the new mom has been sharing her parenthood journey on her Instagram. Nora had been ill a few times since her birth, but on July 10, 2021, she gave her parents the biggest scare

Murphy took to Instagram to share the difficulties her daughter faced. Nora showed symptoms of an ear infection, so the couple took her to the pediatrician at 4 PM. 

However, it was not an ear infection, and her RSV test came negative. The only thing Nora had was a sore throat. A couple of hours after their trip to the pediatrician, she started coughing loudly.

Her breathing was shallow, but Murphy thought her kid was probably experiencing congestion. By 2 AM, the five-month-old could not breathe.

Murphy and Kavanagh rushed to the ER with their daughter and immediately got a diagnosis. It was revealed that Nora had Croup and a possibility of bronchitis. 

According to Healthline, Croup is a viral disease that causes swelling around vocal cords and causes a terrible cough and difficulties in breathing. As a result, Nora had to get steroids and breathing treatments.

The doctor told them it was better if Nora was admitted to the hospital. But, unfortunately, there was no space for her, hence they had to wait for a room. During the wait, the toddler took a nap on Murphy’s chest in the ER. 

Murphy and Kavanagh kept hoping for the best through the ordeal. The next day, the reality star gave another update via her Instagram. She shared a video of her and Nora with the audio to Skylar Grey’s ‘Coming Home’ playing in the background.

In the caption, she praised her daughter's strength. Murphy recalled the last “crazy 36 hours” and how it was a struggle to see her daughter suffer. Luckily, Nora returned home with her parents after spending one night at ER and one night at the hospital. 

On July 12, 2021, Murphy gave a final update about her daughter. She said that Nora’s condition “wasn’t exactly improving,” and she was still given steroids to help with her health. 

Regardless of all the difficulties, The Bachelor alum is still glad to be a mom. She admitted it was the most challenging job in the world, but she would not take up any other job instead of being a mother. 

After the hospital ordeal, Kavanagh also took to Instagram to thank his fans and followers for their prayers for their daughter. According to Murphy, the drone pilot is the perfect father to their daughter. 

On March 30, 2021, she appreciated her fiancé through a post on Instagram. She said that she found the love of her life after 31 years and many failed relationships. 

Murphy confessed she knew Kavanagh was the one for her from the start and fell in love with him. She then lauded his curiosity, spontaneity, and passion for life. 

The pair has traveled to 24 countries together, and through each trip, they have grown stronger. Their bond has been strengthened even more by their daughter. Murphy considers herself and Nora as the luckiest woman to have a guy like Kavanagh in their life.