Emma Slater and Sasha Farber had been together both on stage and off for the longest time until recently. The couple, who were a regular part of Dancing With The Stars, has now ceased to be partners in real life.

Her split with her husband of over four years sent shockwaves around the internet, but the couple did not make too much noise about their split. Their silence, along with his activities on Instagram, however, spoke volumes way before their split made the news.

Emma Slater and Husband Sasha Farber Split Months Ago

Us Weekly was the first one to report on Slater and Farber's split. On August 24, they broke the news about their break up after insider sources confirmed the development to them. However, the news took a while to get to the media.

"They’ve been apart for many months now," the insider source told Us Weekly when the news came out. "They both have not been wearing their wedding rings and are each leading a single life."

Since they had been together for so long and shared fur babies together, the source said the split had been a "tough decision" for them.

Emma Slater with her estranged husband, Sasha Farber, in December 2021.

Emma Slater with her estranged husband, Sasha Farber, and their dog Ruby, in December 2021. (Photo: Sasha Farber/Instagram)

However, despite the split and the months-long separate lives, they had not filed for divorce. They were also determined to make it work professionally on DWTS despite their personal lives going south.

The break up rumors had been present for a while. They first started when the former couple stopped posting pictures of one another on their respective Instagrams.

Further, they did not celebrate or share anything significant on their wedding anniversary in March 2022. People also noticed Farber liking other women's posts on Instagram, which many took as a good confirmation of their relationship's end.

Information regarding their divorce is yet to come out, as is a formal announcement of the split from their side. Being reality TV stars, they probably will clarify things sooner rather than later.

Emma Slater and Sasha Farber's Wedding, Kids

Slater and Farber are no strangers to break ups, and this is their second time ending their relationship. The couple, who started dating in 2011, first broke up in 2014.

At the time, Slater said their relationship had taken them from being lovers to best friends. "I’m always going to be his best friend," she told Glamour that year.

But they did not remain separated for long. And in 2016, he proposed to her on live TV after performing together on DWTS.

Then came their wedding, two years later. On March 25, 2018, the now ex couple tied the knot at Bella Blanca in Los Angeles, California. At this point, they already had one of their dogs, Ruby.

A candid from Emma Slater and Sasha Farber's 2018 wedding.

A candid image from Emma Slater and ex husband Sasha Farber's 2018 wedding. (Photo: Sasha Farber/Instagram)

A while later, they got Grinch, their second dog. Despite having fur babies and being with Farber for a long time, Slater admitted in July 2021 that she did not feel it was the right time to have human babies with him. She did not rule out adopting a new dog, though.

And her hesitation was despite her acknowledgment of her growing age and her ex husband's readiness to start a family. She said she was very involved in her career, implying she might not think about babies for a while.

"If he could carry the baby, then there would be zero problems," she joked during the interview.

Unfortunately for people who shipped the couple, there will be no baby news in the near future. But who knows, maybe Slater and her ex husband will reconcile, just like they did in the past.