It is normal for people to be confused about their sexuality. Similarly, it is okay for them not to know their gender orientation and not know where to place themselves on the spectrum. 

There are many such people in the world, and one of them was Emma Langevin. The Twitch streamer has been very open about her sexuality with her fans and followers. 

She has often talked about it in her streams and YouTube videos. However, it took her many years to come to terms with her sexuality. 

She used to be in denial of what she was and did not know how to identify herself. But slowly, with time, she eventually came out to the public. 

Here is everything we know about Langevin and her sexuality. 

Emma Langevin posing for a picture

Emma Langevin posing for a picture. (Source: Instagram)

Who Is Emma Langevin?

As said before, Langevin is a Twitch streamer. She usually streams while she plays games, but sometimes, she also chats with her fans and followers. 

Langevin had an online presence, but she became a viral sensation in 2020 for her unusual looks, natural humor, and quirky accents.

Moreover, she was also the face of Corpse Husband's song 'E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!'

Since then, the number of her fans and followers has increased significantly. Funnily, she was canceled within 24 hours of her being viral. 

It was because she was following controversial influencers like Blaire White. Langevin later apologized for following "white supremacists" and clarified she never had the intention to hurt anyone. 

However, most people defended Langevin, saying who she follows did not reflect her. The Twitch streamer's platform grew and currently has hundreds of thousands of viewers regardless of the cancellation. 

What Is Emma Langevin's Sexuality?

Currently, Langevin identifies as asexual. This means she has no feelings or wants to be involved with someone sexually. 

Asexuality is based on having no sexual attraction and does not negate other romantic feelings. According to her website, she identifies as queer as well. 

Other than these two orientations, she does not use any other label. Langevin has admitted in the past that she does not want to be in a relationship.

In a video uploaded on November 18, 2020, titled 'Basic YouTuber Q&A,' she revealed she liked the idea of polyamory.

Emma Langevin taking a mirror selfie

Emma Langevin taking a mirror selfie. (Source: Instagram)

However, she would not want to be in one, mostly because she does not want to be involved with other people.  

Furthermore, Langevin does not have a definitive pronoun to identify herself. She is "okay with any/all gendered terms including neo pronouns."  

Before she identified as asexual, Langevin used to believe she was bisexual. She thought she could be sexually active even though she did not enjoy even the thought of it. 

She labeled her sexuality as bisexual from the age of nine to 20. During that time, she realized that being sexual completely repulsed her. 

This made her realize that her orientation was asexual and not bi. She embraced it completely, and now, she is loud and proud about it.