Elizabeth “Libby” Potthast and her husband, Andrei Castravet, were introduced to 90 Day Fiancé fans in season 5. 

Andrei is originally from Moldova, a small Eastern European country bordering Romania and Ukraine. 

The couple fell in love while Libby was visiting Dublin. They tied the knot in Florida in October 2017, and then, in September 2020, the couple had their Moldovan wedding

Unfortunately, their marriage has not always been smoothing sailing as her siblings, especially her sisters, do not approve of Andrei. 

Libby is the youngest of six children. Her sisters, Rebeckah “Becky” Potthast Lichtwerch and Jennifer “Jenn” Potthast, and brother, Charlie Potthast, often appear on the show.

She also has two older brothers who do not appear on the reality show.

Becky and Jenn are so suspicious of Andrei that fans wonder if it is out of genuine concern or ulterior motive.

They haven’t been afraid to voice their concern regarding their brother-in-law.

Reasons Elizabeth Potthast’s Sisters Dislike Her Husband

One of the main reasons Libby's siblings dislike her husband is that they think he is seeking handouts from their father, Chuck Potthast.

During the couple’s Moldovan wedding, Libby’s siblings were shocked to see the celebration, that their father paid for, had been over the top. The celebration took a dramatic and awkward turn when Charlie insulted his brother-in-law in a drunken stupor. 

“He [Libby’s father] needs to stop paying for y’all bull [expletive]. Don’t come to America and try to live off my dad,” said Charlie, causing Andrei to whisper to Libby he was going to [expletive] up her brother.  

There was almost an altercation before Libby’s dad stepped in. This was just one of the many dramatic incidents featured in the reality series. 

In another episode, Jen and Becky discuss Andrei’s unemployment and his issue with them being involved in his and Libby’s life. 

“Andrei knows he doesn’t want the family so intertwined and involved in you raising a kid, but you’re relying on dad for money. So when you rely on someone for money, they’re gonna be involved,” said Becky. . 

Andrei Castravet Doesn’t Allow Elizabeth Potthast to Seek Help from Sisters

Jen added Libby’s husband needed to step up now that they were expecting a child. And he did, and instead of being pleased, Jen and Becky were livid.

Elizabeth Potthast with her sister Rebeckah Potthast Lichtwerch and Jennifer Potthast Davis

Elizabeth Potthast with her sister Rebeckah Potthast Lichtwerch and Jennifer Potthast Davis. (Source: Insatgram)

Their father had given Andrei a gig with the family business, but he rejected the offer and started their own house flipping company. He was adamant they would do it without help from Libby's family. 

In one of the episodes, while the couple was shopping for paint for a house remodeling, the 90 Day Fiancé star suggested calling her sisters and asking them for advice. 

But her husband, who felt her siblings were jealous of him, put his foot down and told them they were not taking Jen and Becky’s help.

He explained it was their project and they would do everything by themselves. It looks like Andrei wanted to prove to his in-laws just how wrong they were about him.