Elie Mystal might have dedicated his professional life to shedding light on the courts, criminal justice system, and politics in the States. However, when it comes to shedding light on his personal life, the journalist remains awfully tight-lipped.

So much so that even his longtime followers have asked questions like, "Is Elie Mystal married?" or "Who is Elie Mystal married to?" Since these questions have plagued the likes of Google for so long, we took the liberty to do some digging, and here's what we found.

Elie Mystal's Wife Is British

Yes, Mystal is, in fact, a married man. Not just that, he also has children he shares with his wife. 

In a full disclosure tweet from July 19, 2021, Mystal let his fans know that his children had picked up a British accent. He also disclosed that it was very likely that they picked it up from his wife, but he was happy to let the children's cartoon, Peppa Pig, share the blame. 

The tweet made two things clear: his wife is British, and they have kids together.

Elie Mystal Gets A Doggo

The coveted journalist made another revelation on August 24, 2021, via another tweet. The tweet was to let his followers know that his wife was not at all okay with him getting a doggo in the house. 

The tweet narrated an interaction between Mystal, his wife, and his dog. The anecdote began with Mystal petting and pampering the canine as his wife watched him. He was letting the pup lick his face because apparently, she was a very good girl. 

The wife was less than happy with his actions and pointed out that the dog had just puked on the couch. Still, he was adamant that he would not give it away. 

That feeling didn't last, though. In an update, the journalist described how the dog used a box and a chair to climb onto their dining table and went on to defecate there. 

"Does any staff want to take my dog for a few days?" he offered. 

In another tweet in the same thread, he shared an adorable snap of the pup sleeping on the couch "exhausted by her crimes."

Elie Mystal's Tea Adventures

The doggo wasn't the only one of Mystal's excursions that the wife disapproved of; there was also his borderline obsession with tea. 

In a Twitter post from August 16, 2021, Mystal revealed that he had spent over a hundred dollars on tea and then went on to suggest that his wife shouldn't leave him home alone with the debit card. 

When his wife got back, she apparently freaked out over the amount of tea that her beau had acquired in the time she was gone. In a failed attempt to console her, he told her that he would make the hundred bucks back when his book publishes. 

Not surprisingly, she wasn't convinced. She snarked, "You keep using that phrase. I do not think it means what you think it means."

All in all, the journalist is yet to reveal the name of his British spouse, but thankfully he keeps his followers updated on how things are going at home.