Battlestar Galactica star Edward James Olmos has been married thrice. After his first two marriages fell apart, he got together with his third spouse, Lymari Nadal.

Like Olmos, Nadal is also an actress. Some projects she has been a part of throughout her career are American Gangster (2007), The Blackout (2014), and Kreep (2016).

Olmos and his spouse also worked together in Battlestar Galactica. However, the thing that received the most attention regarding their marriage was their age difference of 31 years.

Because of it, Olmos’ relationship with Nadal was discussed frequently in the beginning. But as time went on, the discussions slowly faded from the spotlight.

Since then, not much information about Olmos and Nadal has come out. And though multiple sites say that they are still married, there have also been reports saying the two have already split.

Are Edward James Olmos and Spouse Lymari Nadal Still Together?

Olmos and Lymari tied the knot in 2002. For the next decade, the duo kept their relationship under wraps, barely talking about it in public.

During that time, several reports saying their relationship wasn’t in a good place popped up. In 2013, Lymari admitted to the magazine TVyNovelas Puerto Rico that they had been separated.

“Right now we are separated, for a while,” she said.

Lymari also opened up more about their relationship. “He is a wonderful man, and we had a wonderful relationship. He is like a father to my daughter.”

Edward James Olmos Has Six Children

Before Olmos got together with Lymari, he was married twice. His first marriage was to Kaija Keel, the daughter of actor Howard Keel.

After their wedding on December 29, 1971, Olmos and Kaija welcomed two children — sons Bodie Olmos and Mico Olmos — both of whom have followed in Olmos’ footsteps and become actors.

Edward James Olmos' daughter Daniela Torres.

Edward James Olmos' daughter Daniela Torres. (Photo: Instagram)

Mico has acted in several productions, including American Playhouse (1982), Testament (1983), Human Error (2004), and Filly Brown (2012). 

Bodie also appeared alongside his brother Mico in American Playhouse.

Some of the other TV shows and movies he has been a part of are Stand and Deliver (1988), American Family (2002), Resilience (2006), and Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009).

Aside from his two children with Kaija, Olmos also adopted four other children — Daniela, Michael, Brandon, and Tamiko.

His Children Contributed to His Marriage to Second Spouse

Olmos split from his first spouse, Kaija, in 1992, after roughly two decades of marriage. The actor then moved on with The Sopranos star Lorraine Bracco.

They tied the knot on January 28, 1994, in the Versailles Room at the St. Regis Hotel in New York. There were 100 guests present at the wedding and Olmos was escorted by his four sons.

When speaking about their wedding, Bracco said that their children had played a big part in them walking down the aisle.

“The kids begged us to get married,” she said. “They were the ones who kept going, ‘Come on!’”

Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t turn out very successful. The pair got divorced in 2002, after five years of separation.