Eddie Redmayne is a global heartthrob, no doubt. But when the cameras stop rolling, he has a wife and kids to go back home to. 

While Redmayne is not as outspoken about his relationship with his wife, over the years, he has dropped a breadcrumb trail of events that lets fans reconstruct the timeline of his friendship turned to romance. 

Eddie Redmayne Met His Wife While in College

Redmayne first met his wife, Hannah Bagshawe, when he was still in college. As per The Sun, he attended Eton College when Bagshawe was staying at a neighboring boarding school for girls. 

Once when Bagshawe, who now works as a PR executive, and her classmates organized a fashion show for a charity, Redmayne agreed to walk the runway for them—topless. 

After that, Redmayne and Bagshawe developed a friendship that would hold strong for 12 years before it evolved into a relationship. 

In 2012, Redmayne invited her to visit him in Florence. He had some time to kill while shooting for Les Miserables.

They bonded over the trip, and two years later, on December 15, 2014, they met in wedlock. 

The couple got married in an intimate ceremony at a historic manor house.

Eddie Redmayne Gushes Over His Wife

A year later, the actor got in touch with People and shared that his first year of marriage had been "extraordinary." 

"It's been the most wonderful whirlwind," he said at the time. Further along in the conversation, he gushed over his lovely wife. 

I think saint might be the word. [Bagshawe] is an absolute saint. And it’s a ride for both of us. It’s wonderful doing it with someone you love because you also have a second eye on it all.

Redmayne also contrasted the showbiz to a "circus" with sometimes joyous and sometimes crazy acts going on and about.

Being a part of the industry himself, it felt great for him to have someone to lean into when he got too immersed. 

Eddie Redmayne & Wife Have 2 Children

The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Iris, back in June 2016. He broke the news of his daughter's arrival to The Sun a while after her arrival. 

"Well it's only seven weeks in, but it's amazing. It's wonderful," he shared. 

Two years later, on March 10, 2018, the couple became parents for a second time when they welcomed their son Luke Richard Bagshawe. 

A month before the birth of his son, the actor confessed that he was getting ready to "go back to the trenches."  

"We've just about got to that stage when we're beginning to get sleep and remember what that word means," he added.

Still, the actor was grateful for family. While talking to Business Standard eight months after the birth of his son, he affirmed that his wife was the most extraordinary being and his children were healthy and happy, and for him, that was very grounding.