Eddie Izzard might have unintentionally stormed headlines for her declaration of pronouns only in late 2020, but she'd come out all the way back in 1985. 

She'd come out as a transgender person again in 2017, but somehow it all flew under the radar. 

Izzard has also described herself as a "straight transvestite" and "a lesbian trapped in a man's body."

With that buildup, it's hard not to wonder about the standup comic/actor/campaigner/endurance runner's relationship status. 

As with most celebrities who've crossed a certain threshold, the inquiry is mostly concentrated around: "Is Eddie Izzard married?" 

Well, the shortest answer to that is: no! But there is more to be talked about when it comes to her relationships. 

Eddie Izzard posing to promote her show

Eddie Izzard posing to promote her show (Source: Instagram)

Eddie Izzard on Relationships

During an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, the actress recalled how her first kiss was fun, sexy, and kind of weird at the same time. This was when she was nine. 

"I was a straight wannabe lesbian kind of guy," she recalled. 

Also, in the same conversation, she confirmed that she was always interested in having a romantic relationship but somehow very slow in getting them started. 

Then again, there are only so many roles that one can juggle.

Being transgender and out for 33 years and all the things that does – plus the politics, comedy and my marathon running, all of which I love – make it tricky to have a relationship.

Izzard was also mindful about the kind of people she wanted to be in a relationship with, but there was only that one hiccup. 

"Those people I'd want to be in a relationship with are also competent people busy doing their own thing," she confessed to the publication.

That's not to say that Izzard never had girlfriends in her life. 


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She was in a long-term relationship with British singer, director, and producer Sarah Townsend. They met at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1989.

Izzard's autobiography Believe Me: A Memoir of Love, Death, and Jazz Chickens, which came out in 2020, has accounts on many of the relationships she had had over the years.

Eddie Izzard Will Likely not Have a Wife

But it seems more likely that the answer to "Is Eddie Izzard married?" would forever be a no. 

"I don't really believe in marriage," Izzard said candidly, "It's a governmental rubber stamp or a religious thing." 

If one were to use that as an excuse to throw a party, Izzard was

n't one to judge.

She would much rather have a "strong relationship." 

She might not get herself a wife, but she was confident about having kids somewhere down the line. 

In another interview, this one with The Guardian, the comic argued that relationships with her weren't easy. 


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"Relationships with me are tricky," she confessed. "You’ve got to be a woman who’s very self-confident about your own sexuality to go out with me."

She shared she didn't have many relationships in her adult life because of the career and lifestyle choices she'd made. 

Izzard was mostly on the road, working. Still, the fact of the matter was that she was happy with her own company. 

She wouldn't mind being in a relationship with someone, but then she wouldn't agonize over not having one either.