Eddie George has been married to his wife Tamara “Taj” Johnson since 2004. Together, the husband and wife are parents to two children.

It has been over 17 years since the pair tied the knot, but George and Johnson have only grown closer.

In an Instagram post George made in April 2021 to wish his wife Taj a happy 50th birthday, he wrote she was “getting better with time,” while adding #agelessbeauty at the end.

Eddie George and wife Tamara "Taj" Johnson

Eddie George and wife Tamara "Taj" Johnson (Source: Instagram)

Eddie George and His Wife Taj

George first met his spouse at a mall in Orlando in 1994. The former NFL player was there with his former teammate Shawn Springs and spotted her.

He approached her for an autograph but recounted she had her hands fully occupied with bags and denied his request.

In a separate interview, George added he felt like she had been very rude and told her he was never buying another album of hers again.

He also made a mental note to get back at her after he blew up.

George won the Heisman Trophy the next year and went out to celebrate at a club in New York. There, he ran into her along with some of her friends.

He was later approached by a friend of Taj’s. “And I get a tap on my shoulder and it was her friend. And her friend says, ‘My girlfriend wants to meet you.’ So I walk on over and it was her [Taj].”

The two have been inseparable ever since.

Eddie George and Wife’s Relationship

After eight years of dating, George and Johnson got engaged in 2003.

A year later, the two took a step further in advancing their relationship. They tied the knot on June 20, 2004, in Rockleigh, New Jersey.

It took place a month after she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Belmont University in Nashville.

In an episode of Oprah Winfrey Network’s Black Love, George revealed Johnson had pressured him to marry her.

“You left me with an ultimatum. You said that if by the time you graduated, I had not given you a ring, you were going to leave,” he said.

The couple welcomed their only child together, son Eriq Michael George, in 2005. It was a difficult pregnancy and Johnson was bedridden for the first five months of it.

Johnson is also stepmother to George’s son from another relationship, Jaire David. She refers to him as her oldest son.

George uploaded a picture of his family alongside a Christmas tree to celebrate the occasion in December 2021.

Eddie George's Cheating Rumors

George was subjected to a cheating rumor back in 2012 after the news of him being in pro golfer Rachel Connor’s car, while she was caught for DUI, came out.

George later released a statement saying he wasn’t cheating on his spouse.

On the day of the event, they had met through a charity golf event and had dinner together with other people attending the event.

He added Connor was simply trying to be nice by offering him a ride as they lived close by.