Ed Gamble is an open book.

He is a comedian who makes everyone cry with laughter. But, at times, he sprinkles information about his personal life during his performances.

This mostly includes his weight loss journey and his struggle with diabetes. The winner of Taskmaster has struggled a lot with his health.

But now, he is comfortable with it and is in a good place talking about it. So here is everything about Gamble, his weight loss journey, and his life with diabetes.

Ed Gamble's Weight Loss Journey 

Gamble was a bit on the heavier side when he was young. He was the same when he initially started doing stand-up comedy. 

But when he was in his early 20s, he realized he had to lose weight. He was booking more gigs and thought, "it might be nice to shed a few pounds."

That was when he started his weight loss journey. He opted for a minimal diet and started exercising.

Similarly, he started running to aid in his weight loss. Soon, he started losing a lot of weight.

Gamble confessed he did not do "a crazy crash diet." Instead, he simply stopped binge eating and drinking, which helped the initial stages of his weight loss.

But after "getting into exercise," he realized he enjoyed doing so. Previously, he weighed 19 stone, equivalent to 120.6 kgs and 266 lbs. 

Type 1 diabetes diagnosed Ed Gamble enjoys dessert
Ed Gamble, who is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, enjoys dessert. (Source: Instagram)

But after his weight loss journey, he shed six stones aka, 38kgs or 84lbs, in just a couple of months.

Ed Gamble and Diabetes 

The comedian discussed his journey with diabetes in an interview with Health Awareness in November 2019. He first found out that he had diabetes when he was 13 years old. 

He discovered it after he was "constantly thirsty and drinking a lot of water." As a consequence of that, he used to go to the washroom a lot.

His mother realized that something was going on with her son. Getting constantly thirsty was a sign of having a high blood sugar level. 

Gamble's mom being a nurse, noticed it and got it checked. After that, Gamble was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. 


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The comedian considers being diagnosed with the disease at a young age as "something of an advantage." This was because he could adapt to the lifestyle at 13, making it easier for him now.

He confessed that it would be tough to keep track of himself if he were to be diagnosed at the age of 33. Similarly, it would be more difficult for him and his career. 

To be at his healthiest, Gamble has to keep track of his blood sugar level. For this, he does not need to do the traditional method of pricking is fingers and testing his blood sample.

Instead, he uses a "constant blood glucose monitor" whose sensor in his stomach sends the reading. They are sent through a transmitter on his skin, directly to an app on his phone. 

Using those readings, he can alter his food intake and insulin. This way, he has been coping with his diabetes.