Ed Byrne's met his now wife Claire Walker at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2003.

Walker was doing the press interviews for Dara Ó Briain's show, while the comedian was engaged with a play at the same venue. Upon meeting her, he tried getting her phone number.

"Don't give it to him. I did not like the cut of his jib," Walker told Briain. She explained she didn't know him well, having only met a few times before.

Byrne's wife said she didn't rate him as he wasn't her cup of tea.

But the Irish actor had no intentions of giving up on Walker. He'd send her multiple text messages and chased her around the Scottish capital for two weeks.

Ed Byrne's Wife Claire Walker Recounts First Meeting

During her conversation with The Guardian in 2013, Walker revealed how a day at the Fringe felt like a week. 

And the two weeks that Byrne spent pursuing her company felt like half a year to her. 

Finally, one day, the pair happened to walk into the same bar late at night. Byrne made his move by texting Walker after noticing her. 

Ed Byrne and his wife at a television show.

Ed Byrne and his wife Claire Walker participate in 'All Star Mr & Mrs.'(Photo: YouTube) 

"I told him to meet me at midnight at the Holyrood Tavern," Walker said in her recollection.

It was only after spending the night chatting she realized that she had misjudged Byrne until that moment.

Walker said she got the chance to know the man behind the person she'd seen cracking jokes on the stage on numerous occasions.

The comic's wife said she fell for someone very kind, generous, funny, calling him a complete package.

Walker addressed she wasn't desperately looking for someone who would make her laugh as she was surrounded by comedians with whom she shared the stage.


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She mentioned the two had a harmonious relationship with the absence of debate and nasty discussions.

"We rarely butt heads about things, and I do miss him when he's on tour," said Walker, recounting how they kept in touch, speaking twice or thrice a day.

Ed Byrne's Story about Meeting His Wife

Byrne has his own story to tell regarding his first meeting with his wife.

During the same interview, he stated he met her in August 2003 and tried pursuing her until she agreed to go for a drink with him.

"She insists to this day that she didn't like me," shared the comedian, further adding how he finally persuaded her for a drink.

Byrne maintained he "empirically" proved that he was at least worth going on a few dates instead of canceling him outright.


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Before their union, Byrne was fresh from his split with his former partner, and Walker, on the other hand, wasn't looking for a serious relationship.

The couple took it slow, spending four years getting to know each other.

Byrne and his spouse Walker exchanged vows during a private ceremony in 2008 after getting engaged a year before.

However, Byrne revealed how Walker nearly gave him a shock by denying to marry him.

"I asked her to marry me, and she pushed the ring back across the table towards me said, 'I can't marry you,'" shared Byrne. Thankfully, she was only joking.