Dylan Dreyer and her husband, Brian Fichera's relationship is one of a kind.

Dreyer is a television meteorologist who works for NBC News. She frequently appears on Weekend Today, Today, and NBC Nightly News. She also appears on MSNBC and The Weather Channel.

While Dreyer works in front of the camera, Fichera works behind it. He is a cameraman and in-studio technician. The pair met at their workplace, and as of October 2021, they have been married for nine years. 

Dylan Dreyer and Brian Fichera's Relationship 

Dreyer and Fichera have the most adorable marriage.

They first met each other when they worked at WHDH station in Boston. Both of them worked morning shifts, so they had crossed paths with each other. 

Initially, the television meteorologist thought Fichera's name was Tom. Fortunately, Fichera took no offense, and calling each other by wrong names became an inside joke to the couple. 

Slowly, the friendly banter turned into something else for the pair. According to Dreyer's wedding blog, she wrote her husband hung out with their mutual friend Todd.

Soon enough, the three of them hung out, not just at work, but also outside. As a result, Dreyer and Fichera started getting close to each other. Dreyer realized she had fallen from him after a few years of being friends with him. 

The pair dated for three years before the cameraman proposed to Dreyer in July 2011. He proposed to her on the front porch of his parent's house, which was adorned with roses and two glasses of Champagne. 

The pair tied the knot in October 2012 in Boston at The Cathedral of the Holy Cross. 

Dylan Dreyer and Brian Fichera's Sons

Almost four years after their marriage, Dreyer announced she was pregnant with her first son in July 2016 on The Today Show. With the help of Today, she and her husband documented their experience of being a mother for the first time. 

She explained Fichera was very supportive and helped her throughout her journey and fear of motherhood. Their son, Calvin, was born on December 17, 2016. 

Dreyer announced she was expecting her second son on The Today Show on July 17, 2019The pair were blessed with their second child, Oliver, in January 2020. 

Maintaining the tradition, the television meteorologist announced her third pregnancy in November via The Today Show. She and her husband were trying for a third child, but all in vain. 

Eventually, the pair gave up and planned to move on. However, once they decided to move on, the couple was pregnant with their third son. 

They welcomed their youngest child, Russel, on September 29, 2021. Russel arrived six weeks early and was admitted to neonatal intensive care. 

Now, the duo is done with having kids. She told People that she and her husband have "tapped out" and are no longer trying for one. 

When asked if the pair wanted to have a daughter, Dreyer said she considers her new children's book, Misty the Cloud: A Very Stormy, as their daughter.