If you came of age in the 2010s and watched videos on the very famous Vine app, you have probably heard of Drew Gooden. 

Vine, sadly, shut down in October 2016. However, Gooden is doing alright for himself since he is now famous for making commentary-style videos and comedic sketches on YouTube.

Gooden originally began YouTube in 2006 on the channel PatheticHearts. The channel comprised parodies of the Japanese version of the video game Kingdom Hearts 2. However, he didn't stay on the platform for long.

He joined the YouTube community once again on August 21st, 2015, and since has become a YouTube sensation, with over 3 million people subscribed to his channel. 

In his YouTube video titled 'Vine: Where Are They Now?' he opened up about his life before his career in Vine kicked off and also shared insights on his love story with his wife, Amanda Murphy. 

How Drew Gooden Met His Wife on the Internet

Gooden joined Vine in February 2015. After a few viral videos and a re-Vine by singer Joe Jonas, Gooden's popularity rose.

He was getting a lot of recognition and found himself having an amazing time. But the most spectacular thing happened to him when his now-wife, Amanda Murphy, commented on one of his Vine videos telling him he looked cool. 

According to Gooden, she commented, "OMG You are so cute and your vines are like a pure liquid gold."

He noticed her comment and found his Instagram link from her Vine bio. He revealed that he looked at a couple of pictures of her on her Instagram and thought she was perfect for him.

They instantly started texting and talking to each other on the internet regularly before they found out that they were actually living miles apart from each other.

At that time, she lived in Arizona, whereas he lived in Orlando. They first thought that they were never going to make it work, but they got along really well and kept talking to each other "without any commitments."

A week later, she even bought a plane ticket to Orlando to meet him in a week. 

"If you live in Florida, it's a pretty good place to host a trip for people from outside," said Gooden. "We went to beaches, Disney World, Universal Studios and had an amazing time together."

Drew Gooden Married His Long-Distance Girlfriend in 2019


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The two started dating in 2016 and after seeing each other for a couple of months, they decided to move in together. 

His girlfriend Murphy moved to Orlando after they got engaged in October 2016.

Gooden and Murphy finally exchanged vows and shared pictures of their wedding on March 13, 2019. However, many fans suspected the two to be already married because the YouTuber referred to Amanda as his wife long before they officially tied the knot.