The "Free Drakeo" movement was sparked anew after a seemingly bizarre incident concluded in Drakeo The Ruler, real name Darrell Caldwell, getting arrested on Sunday morning on August 22, 2021. 

The 28-year-old rapper was live on Instagram as the cops pulled over the Uber he was sharing with his toddler son. All the while, he could be heard asking the authorities how he was at fault in that situation. 

The video failed to disclose the cops' cited reasons for arresting the rapper, but the video seems to indicate that the car he was in was being pulled over for having tinted windows.

There haven't been any updates on the matter, neither from the authorities nor from the rapper. However, the arrest has left netizens raging, as the rapper had clearly stated that the vehicle he was arrested in was an Uber and not his. 

He Was Pulled over for Tinted Windows

As per the video log from the rapper, he was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department over the apparent case of tinted windows. Still, the authorities asked him to step out of the vehicle. 

"We're gonna ask you one more time to step out," an officer can be heard saying in the background, "And if you say no, then we gonna do what we gotta do, then I am gonna take you off, and then I am gonna take you to jail."

The clearly shocked rapper then questioned the officer about what was going on, but the response was not audible. The rapper added, 

So what did I do for y'all to pull me over? Y'all pulling my Uber driver bro. What is going on?

The next words out of the cops were, "just get out of the car and we'll handle this." Drakeo pressed further that the car was an Uber, but the authorities refused to budge. 

Seeing his efforts in vain, the rapper stepped out of the vehicle to be greeted by two police officers in masks. The remainder of the incident happened off-camera, and a part of the video was reuploaded on Twitter by Hip Hop Ties. 

Fans Revived the 'Free Drakeo' Campaign

Understandably, with all the information presented to them, the fans were less than happy with how the situation played out. The viral video has since revived the "Free Drakeo" campaign on Twitter, with fans speaking up against his recent arrest. 

As of this writing, the details surrounding the rapper's arrest have been scarce. However, Jeff Weiss claimed in a tweet of his own that the incident took place because the authorities had been monitoring his every move since he came back home in November. 

That being said, this was not Drakeo's first rodeo either. The raper previously agreed to plead guilty to the charges of criminal gang conspiracy and shooting from a motor vehicle.

He was acquitted of murder and attempted murder charges two years ago. Still, the district attorney refiled the case, which kept him behind bars as he awaited a new trial.

The rapper spoke to Complex in the weeks following his release. He believed he was being targeted for being a successful black man, who'd made it out of poverty.