Famous Scottish actor Dougray Scott is a happily married man at present. He has been in a marital relationship with his wife, Claire Forlani, an actress, since June 8, 2007.

The 55-year-old actor is also a father to three wonderful children, the two of whom are twins, Eden and Gabriel Trevis Scott, and the third child, Milo.

Scott shares his twins with his first wife, Sarah Trevis, whereas he and his current wife, Forlani, adopted his third child together.

Dougray Scott Makes No Difference between Children

Despite having both biological and adopted children, the Ever After actor claims he sees no difference between his children, making him treat all of them equally.

Speaking with The Guardian in January 2018, Scott said that knowing one of his children was adopted made no difference in his love for his kids. He continued to say,

The first time I set eyes on Milo, I thought: that is my son – and he is. I love him just as much as I do my biological children. There is no difference whatsoever.

He even said that he would put his life on the line for Milo, as he would do for his twins. "My whole perception about adoption changed the moment I saw him. He is part of me, 100%," he added.

Lets His Children Make Mistakes

During the same conversation with The Guardian, Scott stated that he never tried to tell his children, especially his twins, what to do in life while they were growing up.

He first shared that his twin children grew up very close and supported one another, but there was also a lot of fight between them. That said, he consciously tried not to tell them what to do because his strategy was to let them make their own mistakes.

"When I felt I needed to step in and take a tough line, I did, but I was reluctant to do that because I never wanted to be an overbearing parent," he said, hoping he managed to find that balance he had planned.

Dougray Scott's Twins Lives with Their Mother

Scott's twins, a son named Gabriel and a daughter named Eden, primarily live with their mother Trevis after they divorced in August 2005.

The court gave full custody of the kids to her, which Scott criticized, blaming the bias of courts against fathers during an interview with Dailymail. He stated, "I'd like to put the people who made this system up against the [expletive] wall and shoot them."

In the same report, the actor's ex-wife Trevis also revealed that Scott's views were very "virulent" regarding the children's custody. She further added that things he said about her in public were disturbing the mentality of the twins.

Gabriel read the interview his father gave and was upset by it. It’s difficult. He’s still their father. The twins are old enough to be aware of things now and when their father aggressively and openly dislikes their mother it’s unsettling. I feel misrepresented.

Because of such actions by Scott, he was rarely allowed to meet his children. As a result, when the Daily mail report was made in June 2010, the actor had barely seen his then 12-year-old kids for six months.