YouTuber Doug DeMuro, the car reviewer known to push all the buttons and tell his viewers about a vehicle's "quirks and features," has had a pretty successful run with his channel. He even has a side business meant to hedge against the channel. 

Despite making a living in front of a camera, DeMuro is surprisingly private when it comes to sharing anything about his personal life. Still, there is only so much a celeb can keep under the curtains. 


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Doug DeMuro Got Married in 2017

For instance, we know for a fact that DeMuro got married sometime in July 2017, as was evident from an Instagram post the YouTuber made around that time. 

On July 16, 2017, DeMuro shared a snap that featured eight people atop a bright yellow Land Rover parked just behind his bride-to-be, Joanna. While having that many people hanging on the side of one's truck might not be legal, it was a sight that stirred excitement amongst his fandom. 

Sadly, his wife, dressed in the most beautiful off-shoulder bridal gown, did not show her face to the camera. She was conveniently looking back at the huge vehicle parked behind her. The fans were only shown her dirty blonde, near brunette locks, held together in an intricate bun. 


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Doug DeMuro and His Wife Are Expecting a Baby

DeMuro has tiptoed around the public eye for a few years since. He, however, talked about his wife during a conversation with The Verge in August 2021. After humbly admitting that having a career with YouTube was what gave him and his wife a great life, DeMuro revealed some pretty big news. 

He revealed that he and his wife were expecting a child in the next couple of weeks. But, since the revelation was so vaguely worded, we don't yet have confirmation if the couple has already welcomed their child or she is still pregnant. 

Regardless, DeMuro is committed to being a present father and appreciates the flexibility that comes with being a car reviewer on YouTube. He added,

I’m able to shoot 12, 18 weeks of content beforehand. And then I can take a paternity leave. That’s not always that easy on other platforms.

He understood very well that he might not have had the same degree of flexibility if he was committed to a network or a streaming platform such as Netflix or Amazon or even a few other genres within YouTube. 


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DeMuro Addressed a Big Problem with YouTube

Towards the end of his conversation with the outlet, DeMuro discussed how YouTube penalized creators who elected to take some time off from YouTube. "And that’s not really great for people’s health," he added. 

He also touched on how no one wanted to advocate for YouTubers in that regard.

No one wants to advocate for YouTubers. They’re living these great lives and making a lot of money and they have the cameras. They’re kind of annoying. And so nobody’s there helping the creators.

For what it was worth, he urged YouTube to come up with a policy or an algorithm that wouldn't punish its creators for taking some personal time off.

He even pitched the video streaming platform give out two weeks off every year with the average of their last two weeks of views or something along those lines.