When American basketball coach Derek Fisher started dating former Basketball Wives LA star Gloria Govan six years ago, their relationship raised eyebrows, for they had freshly separated from their respective ex-spouses.

Fisher had separated from his wife Candace Fisher while Govan had parted ways with her husband, Matt Barnes.

Having said that, they were still legally married, a factor that hugely brought challenges in the blossoming chemistry between Fisher and Gloria. 

Here's a rundown on the challenges and drama leading up to their blissful marriage. 

October 2014: Gloria Govan Separates from Husband

On October 14, 2014, a source close to TMZ reported Govan and her then-husband Barnes had separated amid trust issues.

The pair, who first met in their teenage years, had reconnected after several years and started dating in 2006. 

They got engaged in 2018 and welcomed their twin sons — Carter and Isaiah — on November 6, 2008. Then finally tied the knot in August 2013. 

Their marriage, however, couldn't withstand the test of time and crumbled in 2014. The same year, Fisher also separated from Candace, his wife of nine years.

October 2015: Barnes Attacks Derek Fisher

In early 2015, Fisher and Govan started dating secretly. The news of their budding relationship reportedly caused hostility between Govan's ex-husband and Fisher, who were former teammates. 

They had played together for Los Angeles Lakers from 2010 to 2012 and had a healthy rapport. 


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In October 2015, news surfaced that Barnes had driven 95 miles from Santa Barbara to confront Fisher at Govan's house in Redondo Beach, California.

He reportedly stirred an altercation with Fisher, who was spending time with Govan and other family members in the backyard.

Despite the broad coverage of the news, no charges were filed after the ordeal. Instead, Barnes denied the behavior, stating that he went to the house to check on his kids.

April 2018: Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan Get Engaged

In May 2016, Fisher settled the divorce proceeding with his estranged with Candace. Following that, Govan also lawfully separated from Barnes in December 2016. 

With no ties with their past relationship, Fisher and Govan got engaged at their Los Angeles home in the presence of family members on April 7, 2018. 


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Surprisingly, the reality star's ex-partner handled the engagement well. Barnes uploaded a post on Instgaram, congratulating the duo.

"You guys want this to be an issue, it's not!" he wrote before saying that he only cared about his kids. 

The former NBA player also mentioned that he and Fisher had a mutual understanding and communicated well about his kids. 

Months after the engagement, Barnes won his kids' full custody along with an 18-month restraining order protecting him against Govan.

July 2021: Fisher and Gloria Govan Tie the Knot

Maneuvering through all the odds and challenges, Fisher and his fiancée married at Cielo Farms in Malibu, California, on July 18, 2021. 

Govan wore a white lace wedding gown with a train veil while the 47-year-old donned a black tuxedo for the big day. 

The basketball player's brother Eric Govan officiated the ceremony that was planned and managed by Kelly Patrice.

Among the special guests were Govan's twin and also Fisher's children from his previous marriage. 


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Initially, the pair had scheduled their wedding for April 2020 but had to postpone the day because of the pandemic.

"After almost two years of waiting here, we are — and we couldn't be happier," Govan told People at the time. 

The California native also mentioned that the trials and tribulations they experienced from the start played a huge part in fortifying their relationship. "We've been very honest about our expectations from our friendship to marriage," the bride added.