The former NFL player, Deion Sanders, married the reality star, Pilar Biggers, in 1999. They were together as husband and wife for 14 years before divorcing in 2013.

They filed for divorce in 2013 after allegations of infidelity and abuse came about in their relationship.

The pair had three kids during their time together — Shelomi, Shedeur, and Shilo Sanders.

As per Sanders, the couple decided to end their marriage and go their separate paths with “mutual respect.”

They identified each other as “friends” keeping the “well-being” of their kids as their “top priority.”


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However, things quickly began to get heated between the two despite the understanding they shared before filing for divorce.

Battle of Lawsuits for Custody of the Kids

Biggers filed a lawsuit against her husband and his aunt, Laura Jones, in February 2012.

As per her, Sanders was there when his aunt attacked her in their 10-bedroom, 29,000-square-foot mansion in Prosper, Texas.

The athlete countered the accusations saying that his wife was the aggressor and his aunt was merely there to fix his phone.

Biggers also sued her husband and his daughter, Deiondra, who he had from his first marriage.

As per her, Deiondra used Twitter to call her stepmother a "gold-digging (expletive)" and "the number one gold digger of the year."

Biggers sought $200 million in damages for defamatory and malicious remarks in the second lawsuit.

Pilar Biggers with her son Shilo Sanders
Pilar Biggers with her son Shilo Sanders (Source: Biggers' Instagram)

She alleged that her husband endorsed Deiondra's fake remarks and said he was "tired of all (Pilar's) lies and foolishness" on Twitter.

Sanders also fought back with his own lawsuits. He started by writing complaints to the police against Biggers for trying to harm him and his sons.

Biggers was booked into jail after the complaints on suspicion of assault and family violence. She was released from custody a day later and demanded a “fair shake” over allegations.

Unfortunately for her, she was again sentenced to seven days in jail in 2014 for violating the visitation schedule agreement made in their divorce decree.

She also temporarily lost visitation rights to her three children.

According to reports, Biggers neglected to return the couple's children on time and took control of them when she wasn't supposed to.

Her ex-husband said she had broken the visitation schedule at least 16 times.

He stated that she kept the children for more than a week longer than the timetable permitted in one case.

Relationship of Deion Sanders and His Former Wife 

The former husband and wife used to be well known in the public eye.

They had their own reality show, Deion and Pilar: Prime Time Love, which covered their regular family life with the kids in Texas.


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Biggers came to stardom on her own after joining the cast of VH1's Football Wives. She is also well-known for her charitable activities.

Biggers presently has main custody of her 17-year-old daughter, Shelomi, and her 21-year-old son, Shilo, with their 19-year-old son, Shedur, alternating between the parents.

Biggers believes that Shedur is with his father because he is the starting quarterback for Trinity Christian School in Texas, where Deion is the coach.

Sanders, who has been married twice, currently lives with his soon-to-be wife, Tracey Edmonds, a businesswoman whom he regards as "the best woman he's ever met."