Love Is Blind viewers are seemingly wishing to see Deepti Vempati and Salvador Perez, popularly known as Sal, together as a couple.

The willingness got even more fueled when she left her former boyfriend Abhishek 'Shake' Chatterjee at the altar — he wasn't all in — after matching with him on the dating show.

In addition, Sal, similarly, matched with Mallory Zapata but chose not to go all-in with Mallory.

In the wake of the situation, the viewers believe something special is happening between Vempati and Sal, leading to their dating rumors.

Deepti Vempati and Salvador Perez's Dating Rumors

Apart from Vempati and Sal opting not to date one another's matches, a few other points of evidence gave birth to the possibility of the two being together.

One of them is the photos they recently posted together on Instagram during a cast trip to Las Vegas.

Vempati, an IT Analyst from Chicago, shared a selfie of the two looking very cozy in matching white blazers with the hashtag "unShakeable vibes."

Deepti Vempati and Salvador Perez at ‘Love Is Blind’ event in Las Vegas.

Deepti Vempati and Salvador Perez at ‘Love Is Blind’ event in Las Vegas. (Photo: Instagram)

Katie LenLen [@katielenlen] on TikTok immediately did a video on Vempati and Sal's post together, saying, "It looks like a bunch of people are in Vegas. I don't know if they are doing a press junket or what's going on."

She even asked her followers if the two should date each other. To that, one replied, "I would love this for them. Sal is very sweet and he would 100% treat her like a queen. I don't see why people see any red flags with him at all."

Another wrote, "There is more chemistry in this pic than sal and mal had all season."

Vempati had also posted a photo with Sal at the pop-up Love Is Blind wedding chapel in Las Vegas, where the pair are holding champagne and the iconic Love Is Blind gold glasses.

Likewise, fans on Reddit also talked about the pictures, and many noted that the two should date each other if they have not already.

"I thought Sal and Deepti would be great," one wrote.

Someone also pitched the idea of a polyamorous relationship, noting, "That is all. They are both so sweet. Maybe throw in Jarette into the mix for a polyamourous love affair [sic]."

Deepti Vempati Responds to Dating Rumors

While fans have been going gaga over Vempati and Sal's dating possibility, the diva quietly joined Nick Viall on The Viall Files podcast to spill further details on her Love Is Blind experience and address the dating rumors with her co-star.

First things first — at the end minute of the podcast, the reality television star claimed she was not dating Sal, clearing the "Are Deepti and Sal dating?" confusion.

"Sal and I are not together. We're just friends," she stated after saying she was working on herself at present. "I think it's funny — the speculations."

That said, she again left her fans confused in the end, as she asked them to tune in to the reunion episode — which airs on March 4, 2022 — to find out the fate of her love life.