Debbie Allen is an actress, dancer, choreographer, singer, songwriter, producer, and director. Well, if you thought resumé was impressive, wait till you hear about her parents. 

With Debbie, it appears whoever said the apple doesn't fall far from the tree was right. She was born to a brilliant poet and a respected dentist. 

Debbie Allen Celebrating Her Father

The last time fans were granted the privilege to meet the late Dr. Andrew Allen was when Debbie shared a snap of him on her Instagram feed with a simple yet touching message to go with it: "Miss you, PAPA." 

Well, the caption didn't end there. She introduced her late father with his full title—Dr. Andrew A. Allen, Graduate of the Howard School of Dentistry Class of '46.

The snap featured on this post was of a much younger Dr. Andrew. The good doctor, in the monochrome picture, sported a dapper blazer, complete with a checkered tie and a shirt. 

As per AmoMama, Debbie's old man generated a following for himself, thanks to his good looks. Others commended the late dentist for his absolute brilliance, not to mention his degree from the reputed Howard University.

With Debbie sharing her father's alma mater, it was easier for fans to understand where she got her stupidly sharp intellect from. Then there is Dr. Andrew's jaw-droppingly good looks. Still, he is only half the story when it comes to his daughter. 

Debbie Allen's Mother Was a Famed Poet

Debbie's mother, Vivian Ayers, is a student of language and literature and a recipient of the famed Pulitzer Award nomination. She trained to be a librarian at Rice University. She was also awarded the 2008 Arts at Winthrop Medal of Honor.

She earned herself a faculty position on campus, which made her the first-ever African-American to do so. She even established the Adept New Museum to celebrate the history of the American Southwest through art. 

Not just that, with her husband, Vivian raised four beautiful children, Debbie, Phylicia Rashad, Tex Allen, and Hugh Allen. Three of them ended up as professionals in performing arts.

Tex became a Jazz musician, Phylicia blossomed into a Tony Award-winning actress, and then there's Debbie. 

Debbie Allen's Mother, Vivian Ayers, Is 98

While Vivian's influence on her children is quite evident, her children also do their part in making her feel loved. 

Take, for instance, the post that Debbie put up on her Instagram on July 30, 2021, which was Vivian's 98th birthday. 

The post featured a snap of her mother, surrounded by her grown children. Sadly, because of her age, she is seen in a wheelchair. 

The proud parent and all her children wore masks adhering to the health guidelines suggested to protect oneself from the COVID-19 pandemic. This was not the first time that Vivian had been featured on Debbie's Instagram. 

In fact, she posts about her mother routinely. Even for Vivian's 97th birthday, Debbie had a celebratory post set up for her mum.