It has been recently revealed that Bachelors Nation's fan-favorite couple Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes are planning to marry in Italy, as reported in US Magazine published last Thursday. 

As per the magazine, Unglert, during his appearance on Help! I Suck at Dating podcast on September 12, he spoke about the couple's plan to tie the knot.

The boyfriend and girlfriend were recently vacationing in Lake Como, Italy. And it is understood that this is where they now want to get married. 

In the podcast, Unglert talked about how the couple was fascinated by Lake Como and called it a "beautiful little town with cute little boutique stores." 

Unglert further went on to claim that Lake Como ”definitely is a place where a wedding would be spectacular." And called it the "most beautiful place we’ve ever visited." 

Talking about whom he would invite for the ceremony, the Bachelorette star opened up about his plan to invite family members only and "maybe that's it."

An Insight Into Unglert and Miller-Keyes 

Unglert, age 30, was born in Aspen, Colorado, while Miller-Keyes, age 26, was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The pair met for the first time on season six of the popular tv show Bachelor in Paradise in 2019. 

Unglert made his Bachelor's appearance for the first time in season 13 of The Bachelorette and got eliminated in week 8. He was further seen in season four of Bachelor in Paradise but left the show in four weeks.

He would come back for two more Bachelors shows, starting with The Bachelor Winter Games, where he once again got eliminated prematurely. His stay accounted for only four weeks. 

His final appearance was on the sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise, a show he would quit in three weeks, only to return two weeks later and get eliminated the same week.

Miller-Keyes, on the other hand, is a former beauty pageant winner. She has made herself known to the general public by winning pageant contests like Miss Virginia Teen USA 2013 and Miss North Carolina USA 2018. 

She ended up being crowned the first runner-up in Miss USA, 2018. 

Miller-Keyes appeared on season 23 of The Bachelor, and while participating in the 2019 edition of Bachelor in Paradise, the pair of Miller-Keyes and Unglert decided to quit the show. Their final show was aired on September 9.

They Confirm Their Relationship During an Interview

In 2020, during their interview with Bachelor Nation on ABC, Unglert was asked if he was already married to Miler-Keyes. He told the host that they both wear a ring to show they are "committed to each other."

Answering the same question, Miller-Keyes added that she "liked the idea" of the rings and said it was nice to know "we are in a committed relationship" without "getting the government involved."

Their relationship, however, wasn't smooth sailing from the start. Talking on Help! I Suck at Dating podcast, Unglert admitted that initially, he was "disappointed" to hear Miller-Keyes' dating history.

In 2019, she is known to have slept with someone else right before the filming of Bachelor in Paradise season 6 began. Unglert, on the podcast, however, defended his girlfriend by saying, "what are you supposed to do about someone doing things before they ever possibly knew you?”