Daryl Hannah and Neil Young got married under the brilliance of a nearly full moon on August 24, 2018, albeit the rest of the world would only find out almost a week later. 

Even then, the public sphere would only learn that the two veteran icons rang the wedding bells and not much else. 

All the headlines hence produced would only cite the wedding as a top-secret event. 

Then again, with the degree of public intrigue generated, there were bound to be a few loose ends that spilled the beans. 

One such source opened up to Page Six a couple of days after the event. 


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Daryl Hannah and Neil Young's Top-Secret Wedding

The outlet reported that the ceremony was held on a Friday near San Luis Obispo, California, which was an almost four-hour drive from the City of Angels — a tactfully chosen location to keep the paparazzi away. 

The guest list was also fairly non-Hollywood. It seems as the outlet reported that Joni Mitchell and Stephen Stills were the only notable celebrities present to witness the vows. 

The guest list was reasonably extensive, with about 100 attendees, each of whom was treated with a wedding package that contained a heart-shaped locket with photos inside of the bride and groom’s smiling faces.

To keep the wedding as discrete as possible, the guests were provided with a list of nearby hotels with a note that read: "Please note the hotels do not have information about the event, so please only contact them to book a room (and do not mention anything about this event)."

Not just that, none of the guests were allowed to bring their phones and/or cameras to the venue. They'd have to leave their lenses back at the hotel. 


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How Daryl Hannah & Neil Young's Wedding Was Confirmed

Most sources on the internet concur that the rock legend and Hannah have been an item since at least 2014. However, an exact timeline has yet to make it to the public eye. 

No surprises there. 

This also happened to be around the same time that Young and his former wife, Pegi Young, parted ways after 36 years of marriage and two children from it. 

What's even more astonishing is that despite the reports of the two of them tieing the knot made headlines around late August 2018, a proper confirmation of their marriage only came months later in November 2018 over a note he posted on his website. (via USA Today)

Daryl Hannah & her husband Neil Young

Daryl Hannah & her husband Neil Young (Source: Instagram)

While speaking in favor of the students protesting against the NRA regarding the gun control regulations in the States, the rockstar pledged his support and said, "We stand with them. They are us. We are them"

"This has been going on for far too long. My wife Daryl and I put this video together for you to reflect on," he added. "Support the students. Support our children. They want protection. Not more guns."

Thus, referring to Hannah as his wife in public and confirming the wedding speculations.