American rock, soul, and R&B singer Daryl Hall, who has an estimated net worth of $70 million, for most of his career, became known as the co-founder and principal lead vocalist of the two-men band Daryl Hall and John Oates alongside guitarist and songwriter John Oates.

The duo has been considered the best-selling duo of all time in the country's history. Still, Hall disagrees with calling his and Oates's collaboration a duo and instead prefers to choose the word band to preserve his individuality. But the duo has a bond that has its foundation laid out from when they were kids. 

In this article, know about Hall's personal life, including his dating, marital, and children status. Not only that but find out if Oats and Hall even split and what Hall is doing now.

Why Did Hall and Oates Spilt?

Oats and Hall have never officially seperated, although they have had ups and downs in their relationships since the 1990s that have also included lawsuits.

Oates revealed to The Guardian in 2021 that their lack of music as a duo occurred because both of them wanted to do something new in life. "We almost felt like, what could possibly be the upside of where we are now?” explained Oates. “If we release another record and it doesn’t go to No 1, is that a failure? We just felt like we needed something else. I personally needed to step away from writing, recording, touring in order to do that. I got divorced, sold everything I owned, moved to Colorado and started my life over in the mountains.”

Since 1980, Hall also has ventured into a solo career and released five albums including Sacred Songs. In addition, he started Youtube live music series Live from Daryl which has featured high-profile musicians and artists. He started the channel after some of Hall and Oates events got canceled during 2003's Sars epidemic to brand his music to the wider world even in the times he couldn't travel. 

“First, we were friends before we were partners,” Hall talked about their relationship with STLToday in 2017. “It’s more like a brotherhood, actually. I just feel like John is family. We don’t spend a lot of time together. When we’re off the road, we don’t see each other at all. We live in different parts of the country. We have solo worlds and individual lives that are very active. But when we get together to play our songs, it feels good."

The interview perfectly sums up their current business relationship. The pair haven't made a studio album since 2006. Hall revealed to San Jose Mercury News in 2017 that they didn't make further music because "we don't have anything to say together creatively. How's that?" He added, "We exist for what we did together in the past. But as one grows up, one becomes more individualistic in one's life. When you are 20 years old, you need a buddy. When you're ... 70 years old, you don't need a buddy as bad. So what we do is work separately. And we're very happy about it."

He also mentioned to the magazine that their band's official name was Daryl Hall & John Oates instead of "Hall & Oates." "The reason we've always insisted on our full names is because we consider ourselves to be two individual artists. We're not really a classic duo in that respect. We don't really do a lot together other than share a stage," he insisted. 

In July 2023, Hall will be on tour to showcase his solo works (including on his retrospective album Before After) with his Daryl Hall and The Daryl's House Band and the tour will also feature his old pal Todd Rundgren


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Daryl Hall's Second Wife  died in 2019

In January 2019, Amanda Aspinall, the former wife of R&B and soul singer Daryl Hall, passed away at the age of 61. 

According to Dailymail, she was found dead at her home in Kensington. Her assistant was the first to discover her collapsing next to her bath.

Her death shocked her family, especially her ex-husband Hall and her two children from a previous relationship.

After the inquest, her son, Orson, told MyLondon, “My mother suffered very badly for more than 10 years with chronic Lyme disease, a disease which is very little known about in the UK, which played a large hand in the decline of her health.”

Daryl Hall’s Former Wife Died Four Years after the Divorce

When Hall’s former wife died in 2019, reportedly due to a heart attack, the singer and Aspinall had been divorced for close to four years.

The former couple had tied the knot in 2009.

During their time together as married couples, they lived briefly in London’s Chelsea. They also seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

In an interview in 2012, he boasted about his ex-wife’s social connections by stating that she was related to the then Chancellor of the Exchequer.

“I travel in unusual circles,” Hall said at that time. “George Osborne and his wife, Frances, are my cousins. But I’m not gonna talk politics with George.”

Daryl Hall with his former wife Amanda Aspinall.

Daryl Hall with his former wife Amanda Aspinall. (Photo: Twitter)

And why wouldn’t he boast? She deserved it, as she was the daughter of British gambling mogul John Aspinall.

The pair also lived together with Aspinall’s two children, March and Orson, whom she had welcomed with her first husband, Cosmo Fry.

His ex’s son and daughter, who are now grown-up, were so close to Hall that Aspinall’s daughter, March, joined him in performing backing vocals on two songs on his 2011 solo album, Laughing Down Crying.

But Hall and Aspinall’s marriage didn’t last long.

In August 2015, when the couple lived in Connecticut, Aspinall filed for divorce from Hall, reportedly claiming that the marriage had “irretrievably broken down” in court documents.

Daryl Hall’s Divorce with First Wife

Before marrying Aspinall, Hall was previously married to Bryna Lublin.

The former couple walked down the aisle in 1969, but the marriage ended just a few years later, in 1972. The couple had no children.

At present, Lublin is reportedly serving as the correspondent for the Associated Press.

After Lublin, Hall dated songwriter Sara Allen for nearly three decades. Their relationship ended in 2001. She was the inspiration behind his hit song Sara Smiles and she also collaborated with Hall & Oates multiple times. 

Daryl Hall shares a Son with a Minnesota Woman

It turns out Hall has a biological son, Darren Hall, whom he shares with Andrea Zabloski of Duluth.

He had the child with her after they met in 1983 when Hall was in town for a concert. After the birth of his child, the pair were not on talking terms.

In 1998, he fought a legal battle against his baby mama so that he did not have to pay more than the maximum child support.

In the court, Hall acknowledged paternity and reportedly offered to pay Zabloski $1,000 a month.

However, Zabloski sought ten times more than that amount while also proposing a budget that included the purchase of a $9,000 piano for the child.