Danny Pino is nowhere as happy as when he's with his wife, Lilly Pino.

The Cold Case actor and his spouse have been together since childhood. And they have worked a lot on their relationship, making things tick for over two decades.

The couple loves traveling, but what they love the most is being with each other and the small family they've built.

Danny Pino Is His Wife Lilly Pino’s ‘Happy Place’

Both Danny and Lilly's social media is filled with cute posts showering love on one another. They don't post frequently, but when they do, they pour whatever passion they have into their captions.

A prime example of this came on April 15, 2022, Danny's 48th birthday.

On that day, his wife made a short but adorable post for her husband of more than 20 years. She posted a few pictures of them over the years, including one from their homecoming way back in the day.

"Happy to birthday to the one. Always and forever my love," Lilly gushed in the caption. "I am so very proud of you."

"thank you for being my happy place," she concluded her short writing and followed everything up with a red heart emoji.

She posted five pictures, most of them being selfies from various places they traveled together in the past. A few of them showcased the couple enjoying a drink together, and one was one of the many events they have attended together.

The one that was the cutest, though, was from their homecoming event.

The couple looked unbelievably young, though still alongside one another for the day. He, with a baby-like face, was wearing a blue suit and blue tie to go with it. He also had a sparkly blue and white hat to complete the whole look, one that he presumably received on the day.

Lilly was dressed in a white dress with her side swept hair. Both of them rocked a yellow sash. Danny's read — obviously — "homecoming."

Danny Pino with his wife, Lilly Pino, at their homecoming.

Danny Pino with his wife, Lilly Pino, at their homecoming. (Photo: Lilly Pino/Instagram)

The heartwarming words go not only one way, though. Danny, too, is a pro at writing nice things on social media.

One such post came on May 9, 2021, when he wished her on Mother's Day. He expressed his gratefulness for getting to know her all those years ago.

"When we met in school, you were the Rocker Girl with the nice hair who I hoped would talk to this Hip-Hop head," he wrote. "So grateful you did."

She, too, is his happy place, as he alluded to in his birthday post for her on October 8, 2018. He called her "the person who makes me happiest, to the lighthouse in the storm" in his caption.

How Danny Pino and His Wife Make Marriage Work

Danny and Lilly first met each other when they were in middle school. He has known her for over three decades now.

Then, they reconnected when Danny was trying to make it in Hollywood. As Closer noted in their piece about the couple in 2017, it was difficult for him to juggle a budding career and a relationship.

They made it work, though, and it took a lot of work.

"So even on days you don’t necessarily feel like you want to follow through with things, it’s important to make the effort," he told Closer. "to show that you’re there and you care, to try to understand what’s going on."


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Needless to say, hard work was one of the secrets to their successful marriage. The other was listening to one another.

"Just like in acting, the most important thing in a relationship for me is listening," the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit actor confessed.

However, their love for traveling, too, helped. The couple travels a lot, especially because of his jobs. But, even when occupied with work, the couple makes time for a romantic getaway.

When Danny had to go to Paris a few years ago, the pair made the trip "the most romantic trip ever," even when occupied with work.

But not traveling, too, was fine for them as long as they were together. "Although we are quarantined at home, every day feels like this when I get to spend it with you," she confessed on the same post made for his birthday in 2020.


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Their family is arguably the strongest reason that keeps them together. The couple has two children together — sons Luca Pino and Julian Pino — and Danny says his family is the "most important thing" in his life.

During his interview with Closer, he admitted that his family was the reason he was so grounded and humble.

"Family puts you firmly on solid ground, so you deal with real life," he said. "I always find that coming home to them is a blessing."