Danny Boyle has been a big name in cinema for decades now. He has mingled with stars big and small alike but has built a reputation for being tight-lipped about his personal life.

He has refused to speak about his dating life on multiple occasions, and rarely shares anything about his family life.

Here's what's available on the director's personal life, relationships over the years, and whether he has a wife.

Who Is Danny Boyle Married To?

Well, no one. Boyle is unmarried now, and neither has ever married in the past. He has only had girlfriends with whom he spent long and short durations.

His first-ever girlfriend, at least the one that the public knows about, was British actress Frances Barber. The two met at North Wales' Bangor University.

They ended up going to that university because it was, at the time, only one of the few that taught English and Drama.

As his tutor from those days, Tony Brown, remembered, they were "an item" and a part of "a very talented and lively group of students doing English and drama."

He was more of an actor than a director in his initial college days. However, by the time they graduated, he leaned more towards directing than acting.

They had their differences in taste, but they still fed off each other and pushed each other creatively. This all happened and ended before 1983. That year, he got into a relationship with casting director Gail Stevens.

Together, they had three children before ending things in 2002. After this relationship ended, Boyle's dating life made no headlines until 2012.

In August 2012, Boyle was seen cozying up with American actress Rosario Dawson. They were termed an "unlikely couple" from the very beginning.

Danny Boyle, who has never had a wife, with his ex girlfriend Rosario Dawson.

Danny Boyle with his ex girlfriend, Rosario Dawson. (Photo: Twitter)

The former couple met on the set of one of his movies, Trance, in which she acted. However, things took a romantic turn between them only after the shooting had wrapped up.

Not even a year later, the unlikely couple broke up. In March 2013, reports emerged suggesting they had gone their separate ways. Boyle did not respond to requests for a comment on their break up. 

Since then, the director's love life has again gone silent.

Danny Boyle's Children

Boyle and Stevens had three children together — a son, Gabriel, and two daughters, Grace and Caitlin. Caitlin was born in 1985, Gabriel in 1989, and Grace came along in 1991.

Only the youngest daughter, Grace Roisin Stevens Boyle, remains in the public eye. She followed her parents' footsteps into the movie business.

She was an associate producer on a TV series, Trust, and worked as an additional crew member on 28 Days Later, alongside her father.