Daniel LaBelle and his wife Baliey LaBelle are now a family of three — welcome James David LaBelle. 

The couple was blessed with their first kid, a beautiful baby boy, in the final few days of 2021. However, the couple only broke the news of his arrival about a week later. 

On January 3, 2022, Daniel took to Instagram to announce his newfound fatherhood with a heartwarming snap of the family of three. 

The picture framed the TikToker and his wife leaning into one another whilst holding their newborn kid between the two of them. 

The mother was dressed in a modest brown sweater, and the father went with a purple button-down shirt. Albeit, the newborn was still the best dressed one in the frame. 

The week-old infant wore an adorable checkered shirt paired with brown pants.

Daniel LaBelle with his wife Bailey LaBelle and their kid James David LaBelle

Daniel LaBelle with his wife Bailey LaBelle and their kid James David LaBelle (Source: Instagram)

Fans Will See More of James in Daniel LaBelle's Content

In the caption, Daniel revealed that his son was born on December 28, 2021, weighing eight pounds at a height of 20 inches. 

As a nod to eager fans, Daniel went on to announce that he would be treating them with parenting content soon. 

"And I’ve got to get him running as soon as possible so he can be in my rush videos," the content creator penned hopefully. 

The Kid Was Born a Week Later than Expected

Turns out, the kid came a few days later than expected. 

On December 23, 2021, Daniel's wife, Bailey, took to her Instagram to wish her then-unborn son a "Happy due date."

She shared, "I still can’t believe God has entrusted you into our care even though I haven’t met you yet." 

Baliey's maternal instincts were on point as she went on to add that she constantly thought about "holding you sleeping, seeing your tiny fingers curl around my finger, watching you smile, making you giggle, and trying my best to show and tell you how much God loves you. "

Towards the end, the soon-to-be mother affirmed that she'd loved the experience of being pregnant for the last nine months, but both the husband and the wife were ready to meet their baby when he was ready. 

The wife had made the pregnancy announcement back in July 2021 via a post on her Instagram. 

In the post, she revealed that she and her husband had been trying to get pregnant for a year and eight months before they finally succeeded. 

She thanked fans for following her and her husband as they made their journey, "praying for us and encouraging us," she added. 

About Daniel LaBelle & His Wife

Daniel and his wife have been together for over seven years as of this writing, and the wife revealed in a birthday post for Daniel back in 2019. 

As a celebratory post for their fourth wedding anniversary on October 22, 2020, the doting wife also shared over a four-point bullet list about why she was glad she married Daniel. 

The list went as so,

"1. He makes me laugh every day, whether it’s with him or at him 😉.

2. His ideas, dreams, and visions inspire me.

3. He pushes me to run faster every run we go on.

4. He loves, feels, cares, comforts, and thinks deeply."

Now, with a new addition to the family, the couple has gotten the opportunity to explore a new horizon in their relationship — parenthood.