Cynthia Bailey might not be living happily ever after with her husband, Mike Hill.

The reality star, a former full-time cast member of the Bravo series, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, featured her wedding with her husband in season 13. 

The duo, or as Bailey calls them, “CHill,” got engaged during season 12 in July 2019. She announced she wanted to have her wedding on October 10, 2020, and added that the celebrations would be televised. 

And Bailey kept true to her words. She did not let the pandemic stop the wedding, as they married last October with extra precautions. There were 250 people in attendance, and everyone had to wear masks the whole time. 

After their wedding, right before their first anniversary, Bailey opened up about their relationship too. 

In a July 15 Instagram post, Bailey expressed her awe at how fast time has passed and added that she prayed for a love like that. But it looks like she might have spoken too soon, as Hill is now making headlines for cheating allegations.

Cynthia Bailey’s Husband Cheating on Her

On October 27, a Twitter user named “ALIST premium” tweeted that she had tea on Bailey’s husband. She then added that if her tweet got 100 likes, she would pull out more receipts. 

In the following tweet, she explained that she had received nude pictures from Hill and added she would post snippets of the nudes, but it would cost the Twitterati. Some loved the tea, but many advised her against it and warned her, saying it was illegal. 

The user then explained her reasons for exposing him in the following tweet. She revealed Hill had been cheating on Bailey the entire time, and that was why she wanted to expose him. She also added that she hated “men who were so easily swayed.”

A user replied to her tweet and wrote that she was being messy and miserable. In the following tweet, she addressed her haters, noting that Hill had sent the nudes to her this year and posted a screenshot of her Snapchat notifications from Hill. 

Bailey and Hill have not spoken up, and so far, nothing has been confirmed. 

Cynthia Bailey Wanted to Focus On Her Marriage

Hopefully, these allegations are not true for Bailey’s sake, as she previously expressed that she wanted her marriage with Hill to work.

A month ago, the reality star announced her departure from the Bravo show after ten years. She revealed to Us Weekly that she had been thinking about walking away from the show for quite some time, but it was her marriage that finally made her pull the trigger. 

She shared she wanted to stay married and focus on her marriage and be with her husband. However, the Bravo reality series took up a lot of filming time and drew her away from her husband, which is why she left the show. 

Although the allegations of Hill cheating have yet to be confirmed, we hope Bailey’s sacrifice was not for nothing.