Actress Cybill Shepherd is a mother to her three children — two daughters and a son. 

Shepherd became a mother for the first time in the 1970s, after the birth of her daughter Clementine from her first husband, David M. Ford.

Cybill Shepherd's Love for Her Children

The actress married Ford in 1978, and a year later, i.e. on June 29, 1979, their daughter Clementine was born.

But unfortunately, Shepherd’s relationship with Ford ended in 1982 following a divorce.

In 1987, Shepherd was in a relationship again. She married her second husband, Bruce Oppenheim.

On October 6 of the said year, the couple welcomed their two kids, who happen to be twins, daughter Ariel and son Cyrus.

Three years later, Shepherd and Oppenheim decided to end their marriage and go their separate ways.

Actress Cybill Shepherd

Actress Cybill Shepherd (Photo Credit: Cybill Shepherd/Instagram)

The Taxi Driver actress was fascinated with the idea of becoming a mom, and after giving birth to her three children, she remained spiritually attached to all three of them.

According to Closer Weekly, the actress said she was thinking about her kids when she was going through a near-death battle with cancer in the early 2000s.

During her conversation with Today in 2015, Shepherd opened up about her experience. “I felt my soul went up to a star,” said the actress.

Further, she recalled saying to herself, “You can’t go there; you have three children.” According to People, Shepherd was battling a form of skin cancer.

Into Cybill Shepherd’s Daughters and Her Son

Shepherd’s eldest child, Clementine, like her mother, is an actress. As per her working credits, she has starring roles in Girltrash: All Night Long, Last Goodbye, and Cherry Falls.

Further, she has had partial roles in The Young and the Restless, The L Word, House, American Pie, and has also appeared on her mother’s show, Cybill.

Touching upon her personal life, Clementine was once married to Chad Todhunter between 2000 to 2004.

After her divorce from her former husband, Todhunter, she married Cyrus Wilcox. With Wilcox, Clementine has two children, Elijah and Wells.

Actress Clementine Shepherd-Ford daughter of actress Cybill Shepherd

Clementine Shepherd-Ford, daughter of actress Cybill Shepherd (Photo Credit: Clementine Shepherd-Ford/Instagram)

Similarly, Shepherd’s second daughter, Ariel, has working experience in Hollywood like her mother. 

Unlike her mom, she is a writer, and her credits include writing three episodes of Vampirina, eight episodes of Solar Opposites, and one episode of Clifford the Big Red Dog, among many others.

On a personal note, she married her long-time boyfriend, Eliza Ladensohn, during a romantic ceremony in Palm Desert, California, in 2019.

During the wedding ceremony hosted at Stone Eagle Golf Club, the bride and groom were in the presence of their close friends and family members, reported the Daily Mail.

Shepherd’s son, her youngest child Cyrus, isn’t in the entertainment business like his mother and siblings.

He is known to maintain a low-key lifestyle and has thus far stayed away from the limelight.

However, in 2010, he was the subject of media attention after being arrested on theft charges, according to CBS.

Though his offense was found to be “serious but minor,” he was ordered to attend AA meetings and pay a fine of $55 in restitution.

A year later, his charges were dismissed, and his arrest record was expunged.