Cris Galera, who married herself in a Catholic church earlier in September, has proposed to get a divorce from the marriage.

She turned to practice Sologamy because of loneliness but recently made her realizations public after a mere ninety days of solitary living.

Who Is Cris Galera?

Galera is a model based in Sau Paulo, Brazil. She is a popular internet personality who goes by the handle @cristianegaleraoficial on her verified Instagram account.

As of this writing, Galera is being followed by her 186,000 fans on the social media platform.

Galera grabbed the attention of a wider audience after the news of her getting married to herself went viral earlier this year.

According to a report by Daily Star, the model practiced Sologamy because of being "disappointed" with her lonely life. As per Galera, she was clouded with the idea of being lonely and upset about spending her life as a single woman.

The model on her wedding day dressed up as a bride and wore a white gown along with "a killer neckline."

Galera addressed her curious fans and other interested parties, saying,

I reached a point where I matured, I realized that I am a strong and determined woman. I was always afraid of being alone, but I realized that I needed to learn to feel good about myself. When that happened, I decided to celebrate it.

Cris Galera Wants a Divorce from Herself

The thirty-three-year-old model who recently announced her divorce from herself sent shock waves among her fans after she initially announced practicing Sologamy in September.

However, it took just three months for Galera to cancel her wedding and get into a relationship with a partner. As per a recent report by Daily Star, the model is currently in a relationship with someone else.

Per Galera, she is falling in love with the undisclosed individual after "meeting someone special." This mystery boyfriend of hers gave Galera the reason to start believing "in love," from the moment they met.

Meanwhile, the model said that during her short-lived marriage, she was happy being in a relationship with herself till the point "it lasted."

Cris Galera Was Offered Money to Get Married to a Sheikh

The viral model said she was offered hefty money to divorce herself and get married to an undisclosed individual after the news of Galera marrying herself broke the internet.

The model was offered a dowry of $500,000 to marry an Arab Sheikh, who presented himself as a chief or a royal family member in the Middle East.

Galera shared how she declined the offer, as it was too much for her to believe. She explained the proposal further and declared that she couldn't be bought with money. In her statement, the model said,

 He wrote the proposal in English and that was the only way I got it translated. We've already talked once, but honestly, I'm not for sale.

According to Galera, she got hints of sexism after the said proposal was put forward to her.