Craig Conover has always been questioned about his love life, with many people wondering, "who is Craig Conover dating?"

As of 2022, Conover is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo. Moreover, he is already thinking about his future with her.

The pair have been dating for less than a year, but they were friends for years before that. It is reported that the couple started dating around May 2021.

However, they confirmed their relationship in September 2021. It seems like Conover is serious about his girlfriend since, in recent interviews, he has been talking about spending the rest of his life with DeSorbo.

Craig Conover's Future with Girlfriend Paige DeSorbo

Conover appeared on the 460th episode of the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast aired on March 17, 2022, titled 'DIRECTOR OF WHEN WE WERE BULLIES CRAIG CONOVER FROM SOUTHERN CHARM.'

There, he talked about his dating life with DeSorbo. He confessed that things were getting serious between the two, and she was in Mexico with him.

The Reprisal star said, "We're so lucky that our flexibility of travel is easy, so we do like four days on, four days off a lot." He then talked about how the future looked for him and his girlfriend.

Eventually, they would have "kids or family or whatever" and live in Charleston, South Carolina. However, Conover believed DeSorbo would also have an apartment in New York.

However, he added that the duo "don't really have to make those hard cut decisions" anytime soon. The pair were in a "fortunate place" since both were busy with their work and traveling.

Moreover, they are advancing their career with projects outside of TV. So, there is still time for Conover and DeSorbo to think about the future and make decisions.

Craig Conover has talked about marriage and kids with his girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo

Craig Conover has talked about marriage and kids with his girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo. (Source: Instagram)

This is not the first time Southern Charm star has talked about sharing a future with DeSorbo. For instance, while speaking to Page Six on March 23, 2022, he said he and his partner talked about marriage and kids.

Conover admitted, "We have talked about marriage and spending our lives together, which we're happy about." He elaborated they talk about having a family together.

Both Conover and his girlfriend evaluate their dating life from a realistic point of view. So, even though there might be possibilities of breaking up, they hope it does not happen.

Moving In and Living Together

At the time of the interview with Page Six, the pair had only been dating for six months. Regardless, the Winter House stars are happy with their relationship and the pace they are moving in.

Conover said, "hopefully we stand as an example that just because everyone else tells you it won't work, you know, doesn't really mean anything at all."

While they have planned their future together, Conover and DeSorbo are not ready to make big decisions. The two were asked if they would move in soon on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (via People).

There, DeSorbo confirmed they were not thinking about moving on yet. She said, "I feel like if we were talking about moving, it'd be a little cuckoo."

However, even though they have not moved into each other's place, they have a space in their partner's home. Conover revealed he built a "huge closet" for his girlfriend at his home in Charleston.

Similarly, he has around "12 inches of closet space" in her apartment in New York. So, slowly yet steadily, it seems like the couple will move in together and live the future they envisioned for one another.