Alicia Taylor is not too fond of being known just as Slipknot's frontman Corey Taylor's wife.

The former cheerleader is accomplished in her own right. She has her own dance group that tours all over the US and has evolved into an art director over the years.

Alicia has strong opinions on being a celebrity wife and doesn't always like being connected to her husband.

Alicia Taylor on Her Identity Away from Her Husband

During her interview with The Crash Report in April 2021, Alicia touched upon multiple topics regarding her rise in the industry, fame, and how she handles her own identity when being talked about alongside her husband, Corey.

One of the interviewers, Logan Crosland, asked her how she held her own and stayed her own person in the industry. She was questioned if she had things easier because she was a celebrity wife.

In her response, Alicia said she felt like some people had a hard time believing that other individuals could get things independently.

Further, she also thought that people who thought of her as solely a celebrity wife just wanted to "draw their own conclusions" because it was easier to do, and it justified their feelings about her.

She did not pay too much attention to those comments and kept working on her endeavors.

The dancer also said people tend to ignore her accomplishments before becoming Corey's wife. "I was doing music video before this on my own. I was doing tours before this on my own," she said.

At this point, Crosland pointed out that she built her dance group, Cherry Bombs, all before she became super famous.

"It's always astounding to me," Alicia quipped at people's ignorance of these accomplishments.

Continuing with the topic, she then went into the nitty-gritty of making it in the performance industry. Being pitched to promoters, booking shows, festivals and similar things were all dependent on the act and not on the person's reputation.

People who acted like they were the expert at something they were not involved in surprised Alicia. She said that she felt people assumed things rather than admitting they didn't know her well.

The interviewer then brought up one of Alicia's bio, where she had written something funny to take the mickey out of the media. Her words were something along the lines of 'the one who hears what Corey Taylor thinks more than anyone else.'

She didn't like how people talked about her being Corey Taylor's wife as her biggest accomplishment.

Who Is Alicia Taylor?

Alicia started dancing when she was three years old. That later turned into a cheerleading job in the NFL.

She worked as a cheerleader for the Atlanta Falcons in the late 2000s and the early 2010s. She recently posted a collage on January 8, 2022, showcasing her cheerleading days in 2012.

NFL job was getting to her, though. It wasn't a lack of creative control or enthusiasm for cheerleading that made her leave.

"When you're in the NFL like that, they really own you," Alicia said on why she left the job. It got to a point where she felt like she was not getting paid enough for all the organization's control on her. She was getting paid just $75 per game.

Alicia then focused on the Cherry Bombs. The group that only performs to rock and roll music and works "combining daredevil arts with feminine power, fearless and dynamic performances" got their big break in 2016.

Her motivation for establishing the group was combining two things she loved — dance and rock and roll and metal music.

She was touring with the group on their "Macabaret" tour, their first headlining run in 2021, and the shows will resume in February 2022.

Corey Taylor and Wife Alicia Taylor's Relationship

Corey and Alicia first met when she was cheerleading. Their companionship started with her visits to Corey's concerts circa 2010.

However, the couple confirmed their relationship only in 2018, shortly after Corey's divorce from his ex wife, Stephanie Luby. They were living together, and Corey proposed to her in their kitchen a year later.

Corey Taylor with wife Alicia Taylor.

Slipknot's frontman Corey Taylor with his wife Alicia Taylor in November 2021. (Photo: Alicia Taylor/Instagram)

On April 7, 2019, the Slipknot frontman announced they were engaged. In a "L'adorilust. Forever. And Ever." captioned picture, Alicia was seen with her engagement ring on her finger.

Then on October 6 that same year, they got married in a beautiful ceremony. He was dressed in a maroon-colored suit while she wore a gorgeous wedding dress with floral designs.

The couple does not have kids of their own. But Alicia is a stepmother to his four kids from his previous relationships — son Griffin Parker and daughters Angeline, Aravis, and Ryan.