Former Chicago Bulls guard Corey Benjamin apologized on behalf of his teenage daughter after she landed a sucker punch on 15-year-old Lauryn Ham during a basketball tournament. 

All of this was caught on tape, which has gone viral. The viral video shows both Ham and Benjamin's daughter colliding following Bejamin's daughter's jump shot. After that, they got up when Benjamin's daughter suddenly sent a vicious left hook towards Ham's throat and face area. 


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The girl crashed to the floor in pain, and the game was stopped and eventually canceled. The victim's mother claimed that her daughter was left concussed and considered the attack an assault. She has filed a criminal report against Benjamin's daughter and wife. 

According to the referee, the culprit's mother allegedly encouraged the punch saying, "You better go hit her." The victim's attorney, Kevin Hahn, also commented on the situation, stating that it was shocking and outrageous that the mother instructed her daughter to go after Ham. 

Corey Benjamin Apologizes

The former NBA player issued a lengthy apology on his daughter's behalf to assuage the situation and the parties involved. 

"To the young lady who was punched by my daughter during a youth basketball game, I sincerely apologize to you and I am praying for your complete healing both physically and emotionally," said Benjamin. In addition, he apologized to her family and regretted that their daughter did not deserve it. 

He also apologized to everyone affected and hurt by his daughter and her mother's actions and explained that these were not his family's values and standards. He explained that it also did not "exemplify the values, character and spirit of sportsmanship" that the game required.

He then ended his apology, stating he was committed to helping his daughter. 

However, it might take more than an apology from Benjamin as his daughter was involved in another incident where she hit two different players during a tournament game. According to Hahn, she was already banned and suspended, but the youth tournament organization was unaware. 

Following this incident, the teenager has been banned from playing in future AVAC United games.

Corey Benjamin and His Wife

The woman behind her daughter's action and Bejamin's wife is Tyra Hunt

Hunt and Benjamin have two daughters. One of them is in the viral video, and the younger one is Legacy. Both of them play for their AAU Team named Benjamin Ballers. She even described Legacy as a good player with impeccable defense skills because of her long limbs.

Hunt is proud of her daughters and accompanies them during games, but it looks like she will not be doing that anymore as she has been banned from attending games for instigating violence on the court. Although there are no reports indicating Hunt's involvement in violence previously, in 2000 and 2016, Benjamin was arrested for domestic violence.

According to TMZ, police are investigating the incident and the alleged involvement of both Hunt and Benjamin.