Columbus Short's relationships aren't typically known for their longevity. 

He has been married thrice and accused of domestic abuse on more than one occasion. 

But after serving time in prison, it seems Short is rekindling romance with his fourth wife, Aida Abramyan. 

On January 4, 2022, the Scandal star uploaded a photo with his wife and two other family members. 

In the caption, he wrote, "Made it through 2021...2022 is gonna be a show! #FamilyTies #LEVITATING2022.”

Columbus Short and his fourth wife with their friends

Columbus Short and his fourth wife with their friend. (Source: Instagram)

He also tagged Abramyan, who went by "callmemrsshort" on Instagram. 

It appears the husband-wife duo have worked things out because, in March 2018, Short was sentenced to one year in prison after allegedly hitting his spouse. 

Abramyan accused him of hitting her during an argument in November 2017. 

As a result, he was charged with domestic violence after violating his probation and pleading no contest.

In August 2016, Entertainment Tonight announced that Short and Abramyan, "his longtime on and off girlfriend," had gotten engaged and was expecting a son.

Columbus Short Cheating on His Third Wife

In early 2016, the choreographer had allegedly married his third spouse and writer Karrine Steffans. 

However, Steffans was granted a temporary restraining order against Short in April. 

Columbus Short during a photoshoot

Columbus Short during a photoshoot In October 2021. (Source: Instagram)

Steffans accused Short of cheating on her, which the actor denied.

She told Page Six that she suspected the actor might have been married to another woman when he married her. She added she wasn't aware of it at the time. 

Another reason Steffans was aggrieved was that Short denied being a married person in an interview with Sirius' Dion Deezy.

But while the actor was serving time in jail for hitting Abramyan, he allegedly texted Steffans. 

"I wish I could just become the biggest movie star on the planet, wisk [sic] you away to another country and live our lives," texted Short.

During this time, Abramyan was also tweeting about her great marriage with the actor and saying she missed her husband. 

Later, Short refused through his wife and publicist, Abramyan, that he was ever married to Steffan. He added he didn't message her while serving jail time. 

Columbus Short's Failed Marriages

The drama regarding Steffans is not the only one in Short's love life and marriages. 

Columbus Short

Short posing for a photograph in June 2020. (Source: Instagram)

Before Steffans and Abramyan were in the picture, he was married to Brandi Short and Tanee McCall. 

During these unions, he had two kids, one with his first wife and the other with McCall. 

He divorced his first partner in 2003 and, in July 2005, tied the knot with McCall.

But by April 2014, the couple filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

According to the divorce papers, the actor who was intoxicated "grabbed [McCall's] phone out of her hands and started yelling at her abusively." 

He then "lunged at her a few times and acted as if he was about to hit [McCall] with the bottle."

McCall tried to escape, but the actor cornered her with a kitchen knife. 

"He placed the knife close to my neck and threatened to kill me and then kill himself," McCall stated in the papers.

Fortunately for McCall, she escaped and drove away from him.