Collin Morikawa came to prominence in the golfing scene after a stellar collegiate golfing career in 2019.

In part, it was his hard work that contributed to this rise. But, according to Morikawa himself, his soon to be wife, too, played a big role.

Collin Morikawa Got Engaged to Longtime Girlfriend

Morikawa has been with his fiancée, Katherine Zhu, for almost five years now. They first met each other while they were in college.

But, they did not attend the same university.

He went to the University of California while his future wife got her higher education at Pepperdine University in Malibu.

They possibly connected over their love for the sport and started dating a while later.

The couple went on their first date on March 31, 2017, and they celebrate their anniversary on that date each year.


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And after four years and some change of being with one another, they decided to take the next step in their relationship. Thus came their engagement.

On November 30, 2021, Morikawa got down on one knee and proposed to his longtime girlfriend. She said yes.

The golfer then took to his Instagram the next day to announce the good news.

“My forever and ever,” he wrote in his post. “I love you.”

The caption ended with a heart emoji and the date of their engagement — 11.30.2021.

A picture accompanied the caption, where the couple was beaming with happiness. Dressed simple, Morikawa donned a white shirt with light grey pants as Zhu wore a black dress.

She had her left hand on his chest, seemingly showing off the rock she had just received from her fiancé.

Collin Morikawa with wife to be Katherine Zhu on their engagement day.

Collin Morikawa with longtime girlfriend and soon to be wife Katherine Zhu on their engagement day. (Photo: Collin Morikawa/Instagram)

Zhu, too, took a day to post about the occasion. She used the same picture but different words.

“A lifetime together forever,” Zhu wrote as she, too, ended the post with a white heart emoji and their engagement date.

Who Is Collin Morikawa’s Wife to Be?

Zhu was born on January 13, 1996, in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has some history with sports as her father, Mike Chu, was a champion tennis player.

She, too, was involved in the game but later decided to switch sports to golf.

Zhu returned to North America after attending high school in China and enrolled in Pepperdine University. She had good reasons to do so.

The golf coach at the university, the weather that Malibu offered, and the university’s strengths both in academics and athletics were her grounds to choose Pepperdine.

There, she majored in International Management and won numerous championships at the amateur level as a golfer for Pepperdine.

Other than tennis and golf, she also plays the flute and is interested in swimming, figure skating, and taekwondo.


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Her presence in Morikawa’s life improved his golf game and his life in general. After a PGA Championship victory, he uttered words of praise for his future wife.

“I am very lucky to have her. Kat has been by my side through it all,” the golfer said. “She would hate me if I didn't say this, but I didn't start winning in college until she showed up in my life, so thanks Kat.”

He even gushed about how his girlfriend at the time took his mind off the game and understood him after a hard day at the course because she had experience in that regard.