Cody Johnson's love songs, the likes of 'Dance Her Home,' 'Never Go Home Again,' and 'On My Way to You,' sing stories of affection that pull on heartstrings.

The emotional numbers made of his euphonic voice, evocative lyrics, and perfect harmony guide the audience into a magical journey, leading them to yearn for the love they never thought they needed. 

While Johnson sings songs of dreamlike relationships, he doesn't have to look high and low for the inspiration behind his creations.

He already has a loving wife, Brandy Johnson, and a picture-perfect relationship to draw inspiration from. Courtesy of which, his marriage is just like the songs he sings about — romantic and perfect.

Cody Johnson Considers His Wife His Best Friend

"Married to my best friend," is written at the top of Johnson's Instagram bio, and rightfully so. The country music singer and Brandy have kept their marriage strong through all trials and tribulations.

They met each other when Johnson wasn't a celebrity but just an ordinary man with a passion for music and experience of professional bull riding. But as opportunities came knocking, Brandy supported her husband to the best she could to follow his dreams. 

He created his label named COJO Music, churning out independent songs — precisely two albums. And his success only escalated from there. Johnson released hits upon hits, including his famous songs like 'Ain't Nothin' to It,' 'Dera Rodeo,' 'Wild as You.'

Although Johnson skyrocketed to fame, he remained aware of his roots. He admittedly prioritized his family, his wife and found a balance between family and career. In an interview with People in October 2021, the Texas native mentioned that his down-to-earth personality had helped him find balance

He said he was trying to be a beneficial influence on people around him, and not just trying to get rich or famous. "I want to be better," he remarked before saying that doing ordinary things made him better.

True to his nature, Johnson pours his heart out for his wife without hesitation. On September 14, 2021, the 34-year-old posted a monochrome picture of himself with his wife. Then, in the caption, he dedicated the romantic lyric from his song "Stronger" to his life partner.

Johnson's Daughters Imitate Him 

Johnson and Brandy are parents of two daughters — Clara Mae and Cori.


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While they haven't yet shared their birth details, Johnson has been vocal about how his daughters have motivated him to become a good man. 

During another interview with People, the musician shared that he was grateful to tour with his partner and kids. "We got our own bus just for that," he elaborated on his statement. 

Right after that, he shared tidbits of his fatherhood, recalling that his children had learned a lot from watching him onstage. He detailed they would go in the living room, pick up their microphones and little guitars and scream, "Daddy, I'm like you."

With adorable daughters and a supporting wife, Johnson lives his best life as a married man and a musician.