Phillip Jack Brooks, aka CM Punk, once ruled the world of wrestling. It was especially true during the time he was signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).  

He won the WWE Championship twice and held the record of the sixth-longest titleholder. This was because he had the title of Champion for 434 days. 

However, he left the business almost a decade after joining it.

One day he was ruling the industry, and the next day he was gone. This made many fans question, "why did CM Punk leave WWE?" 

Here is the answer to this question. 

Why Did CM Punk Leave WWE?

Punk joined the company in 2005 and retired from it in January 2014. He explained the reason behind his retirement in Colt Cabana's Podcast, The Art of Wrestling (via Bleacher Report).

He said that the tension with the company owner, Vince McMahon, was the primary reason behind his exodus from the company.

He was also promised a feature in WrestleMania but did not get it. 

CM Punk.

CM Punk. (Source: Instagram)

Punk said that the company did not change when he was linked with them on the podcast. He also accused them of not protecting their wrestlers. 

However, after his departure, "they changed everything." The wrestler somewhat believed that they did so just to spite him.

Regardless, he was not bothered by it. This was because he understood that while he did not get the benefits from the company, others would. 

Punk also accused McMahon of favoring some wrestlers over others. He also said that McMahon did not appreciate his ideas and creative input. 

For instance, Punk gave an idea of sponsorship to McMahon. He was getting many interviews when he was at his peak, and companies were approaching him to sponsor him. 

When Punk relayed this idea, McMahon shot it down. The latter said that it would be unfair to the sponsors of Raw and other wrestlers, and they would get mad. 

CM Punk in WWE Raw.

CM Punk in WWE Raw. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

However, after a year, fellow wrestler Brock Lesnar was allowed to get sponsors. Punk's health concerns were also one of the reasons for him leaving WWE

He was misdiagnosed with a staph infection and dealt with a couple of other medical issues.

His knees were affected heavily, and he had also suffered from continuous concussions. 

CM Punk's Ugly Exit from WWE

Punk was suspended for two months by Vince McMahon, several weeks after being misdiagnosed with a staph infection.

McMahon stated the wrestler was "on sabbatical" but didn't mention the suspension on an investor call.

After the suspension expired, Punk never heard from the company, and he never received his royalty cheque.

He also uncovered an uncashed check and phoned the WWE to get it reissued.

Instead, he stated he was given the runaround and never received his payments. Two days before his wedding, Triple H texted him, asking to chat.

Punk said yes, but it was only possible after his honeymoon. But instead of talking with him, the company sent him his termination papers through FedEx on his wedding day.

CM Punk in WrestleMania.

CM Punk in WrestleMania. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

After quitting the company, Punk admitted that he had been the happiest he'd ever been in the past three years. 

He used to think that he loved it. Rather, it made him "so miserable all the time."

Therefore, to make himself happy, he left. He confessed that the decision was not easy to make, but "it was also a long time coming."

However, once Punk mentioned that before joining All Elite Wrestling (AEW), WWE tried to take him back by luring him with WrestleMania.

Unfortunately, it did not work and the wrestler signed to AEW.