The Bachelorette alum Clayton Echard was recently accused of cheating on his girlfriend, Susie Evans. The accusation was made by a TikTok user named Sasha Narang.

But in the recent development of the cheating drama, Narang took to TikTok to state that she was wrong about her previous claims, apologizing to everyone, especially Echard and Evans.

In a video captioned “the truth,” posted on April 10, 2022, the TikTok user said, “okay, so I will start by saying, ‘I’m so sorry to Susie and Clayton.’”

Sasha Narang shares an apology video mentioning Clayton Echard and Susie Evans.

Sasha Narang shares an apology video mentioning Clayton Echard and Susie Evans. (Photo: TikTok snap)

She added, “I was genuinely under the impression that I was with him [Echard]. And after getting camera footage, we all could, able to confirm that it was not him.”

Narang then stated that even though the footage was from behind, the person she initially claimed was Echard turned out to be someone else.

Sasha Narang Privately Made Apology to Clayton Echard and Susie Evans

In the close to three-minute-long video, Echard’s accuser informed her followers that she was deeply sorry for whatever happened and had already apologized to the couple in private.

“I privately apologized to both of them but obviously I owe them all an apology. And yea, I didn’t mean to cause any of these, and I truly thought I was with him,” she stated.

Not just that, she realized the original video, where she accused Echard of cheating on his girlfriend, was rushed — and she could have confirmed everything before posting it.

But again, she was very confident that it was Echard, who allegedly came and flirted with her, and she went with her gut feeling.

Fans React to the Drama

Ever since Narang accused Echard, fans actively took to various social media platforms to drop their thoughts. And while some said the claims seemed to be true, many stated that it was all a fake story.

“There’s no way a luxury NYC apartment building just handed over security footage to some random girl. I think she faked this from the beginning,” a user on TikTok commented.

Another bashed the TikToker on her apology video, writing, “When things don’t go according to plan.”

“Hopefully a lesson was learned in this. Make sure you are 100% before trying to call someone out publicly. Glad you gave an apology,” another added.

Someone also asked if Echard and Evans could sue Narang for defamation.

Beginning of the Cheating Accusation

It all began when the TikTok star posted a video on Saturday, April 9, 2022, claiming she met Echard in a bar in New York City on Friday night. As per her, the reality television personality approached her.

“um so I think I just ended the bachelor’s marriage last night (i had no idea) (wtf),” she captioned her since-deleted video.

“So I’m responding, we’re kind of flirting. Then he proceeds to ask me, ‘Do you watch The Bachelor?’ And I go ‘No,’ cause I’ve never seen it before,” she added, revealing that they later hung out together.

She even said that she messaged Echard’s girlfriend, Evans, to share the incident and provided “evidence.”

But later that day, Echard posted multiple Instagram stories, denying the accusations. He said it was “false accusations” and shared his iPhone location to show he was at an Arizona-based gym on Friday night.