Claudia Winkleman and her husband Kris Thykier have been a happily married couple since tying the knot in a secret wedding ceremony in June 2000.

Together, they also have three children, making them a family of five.

They have two sons, Jake Thykier, born in 2003, and Arthur Thykier, born in 2011, and also a daughter, Matilda Martha Thykier, born in 2006.

And for the last two decades, the couple has gone from strength to strength in their marriage.

Claudia Winkleman and Husband’s Secret to Happy Marriage

Speaking with The Sun in February 2021, Winkleman, a celebrated English television presenter and film critic, opened up about her interesting secrets to her happy marriage.

She stated that the secret to her happy marriage was not following any traditional husband/wife roles of previous generations.

The TV personality said that while thanking her longtime partner for bringing that modern take onto their marriage.

“How did we survive lockdown?” the Strictly Come Dancing presenter added.

She continued to share, “Kris is very Danish in his ways. So it’s not up to me to make dinner, it’s not up to me to make lunch, and it’s not up to him to take the kids outside to play catch.”

Winkleman then revealed that Thykier had not asked, even once, what was for dinner in their 20 years of marriage. “I married a feminist, my mum wouldn’t have let me not,” she gushed.

Claudia Winkleman’s Partner Has Always Been Helpful

During the same conversation, the television presenter went on to share how her husband was always helpful to her at home and in life.

First, Winkleman claimed that Thykier made the bed better than her and was tidier when it came to the children’s bath time.

What’s more? He reportedly cooks delicious food, especially chicken, drops kids at school on time, and has never made his wife sew his buttons.

“I have no idea why or how we’re still together,” Winkleman exclaimed.

Claudia Winkleman enjoys rare date night with husband Kris Thykier.

Claudia Winkleman enjoys a rare date night with her husband Kris Thykier. (Photo: Twitter)

Meanwhile, she thought her marriage was going so well because her spouse never expected her to do housework or the kids’ stuff while he worked at his office.

She was also quick to compare him with her dad, Barry, the former publisher of The Times Atlas of the World.

According to her, her father was also very helpful to his wife or Winkleman’s mom, so to say.

“It’s extremely helpful in a marriage when it’s 50:50,” the TV host later claimed.

Moreover, both she and his longtime spouse rarely speak about their marriage and have kept their family life out of the limelight over the years.

Who Is Claudia Winkleman’s Husband Kris Thykier?

In comparison to his wife Winkleman, Thykier has a low-profile lifestyle. However, he still works in the entertainment industry as a film and television producer.

He has earned fame for his work on movies such as Kick-Ass, The Debt, and Woman in Gold.

The father of three also served as the executive producer on the hit TV show Riviera.