Chrissie Hynde made a name for herself as one of the most famous frontwomen in rock after joining The Pretenders in the mid-70s. 

And just like most rock stars, her story is not one without whirlwind romances and tragic heartbreaks. 

The frontwoman is currently single and has been for a long time because she opined that “being in love was too much hassle.”

“I don’t feel unloved. There’s nothing better than being in love. Everyone knows that, but it’s kind of a hassle. One bad text can destroy your whole day and then if you’re away, there’s that gnawing longing to see someone and they’re not there,” Hynde told the Telegraph

But she was far from lonely. She had the occasional boyfriend but she realized she was a lone wolf.

She added she was not advocating the single life, for it required one to have a robust sense of self to be alone, and that was hard work. 

Chrissie Hynde’s Short-Lived Marriage with Former Husband Jim Kerr

It's not like Hynde did not try falling in love and staying in love. It didn’t work out for her. 

The rockstar was married to Simple Minds’ Jim Kerr. The duo met while waiting for a lift. 

In 1984, they tied the knot, and on March 25, 1985, the couple welcomed a daughter named Yasmin Paris. 

They were in love and thought they would defy all the statistics and make their marriage work. 

But just days after their marriage, Hynde's husband left on a two-year world tour, leaving her behind, who was pregnant.

Chrissie Hynde's first husband, Jim Kerr from Simple Minds

Chrissie Hynde's first husband, Jim Kerr, from Simple Minds. (Source: Simple Minds/Instagram)

Once her husband returned, instead of visiting their family in London, he went to Scotland with the band to write songs.

Hynde and Kerr divorced in 1989. Kerr admitted he was too busy trying to make it big as a musician and neglected his family, which led to the demise of the couple’s marriage. 

The duo is still on good terms and even reunited on stage after Simple Minds and The Pretenders hit the road in 2018. 

After that, The Pretenders star moved on to artist Lucho Brieva. They were married from 1997 to 2003. 

Not much else is known about the former couple. 

Chrissie Hynde Almost Married Two Members of the Sex Pistols

Before Kerr and Brieva, Hynde almost made a husband out of two members of the rock band, Sex Pistols

Like most aspiring artists, the frontwoman was struggling to make it big after moving from America to the UK. 

With no job, she was at risk of being deported, as she didn’t have a visa. 

Desperate, she asked her friend John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten, Sex Pistols’ frontman, for help. She suggested they get married to ease her woes. 

However, that didn’t pan out, as Rotten had bigger things on his plate. 

Rotten’s band member and Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious accused Hynde of wanting to marry Rotten for money and called her a gold-digger. 

But when Rotten could not help her out, Vicious offered to be her husband

However, fate had other plans for Hynde. The duo did not marry, and Hynde formed The Pretender which changed her life forever.