Chrishell Stause recently lost both her parents to cancer. Tragically, they died due to lung cancer within a space of a year.

First, in 2019, the actress lost her father after a "long terrible battle with cancer," which started years ago before his death.

Likewise, her mother, Ranae, died in July 2020.

While the exact date of her death is unconfirmed, the Selling Sunset actress made the news public on Saturday, July 18, 2020.

On February 04, 2020, i.e., World Cancer Day, Stause took to her Instagram and provided updates on her mom's health.

In her post, the television actress wrote that it was a year prior that she learned how her mom had only a couple of months to live.

Chrishell Stause with her mother

Chrishell Stause with her mother prior to her death in 2020. (Photo: Chrishell Stause/Instagram)

Later, she edited her post and revealed her mother underwent her first full round of chemo and radiation, which responded positively.

She also advised her followers to go for a second opinion, which she did in her mother's case.

In the concluding sentences, the actress said her mother's test reports came back much better and remarked her "a fighter."

Chrishell Stause's Tribute to Her Parents

After losing her dad, who adopted her while she was an infant, Stause took to her official Instagram account to make the news known in public.

On her social media, she posted an old photograph where a little Stause can be seen with her dad.

She wrote a lengthy caption which was divided into two parts. In the initial half, Stause provided an update about his passing.

Stause said she chose to remember the was her father was prior to his long battle with cancer.

She remarked her dad was a "catholic man at heart,' said he chose "Easter for a reason." 2019's day of Easter festivity happens to be the day of his death.

Chrishell Stause with her father

Chrishell Stause with her father in an old photograph. (Photo: Chrishell Stause/Instagram)

In the second part of her writing, the actress said she grew up in an unconventional family where her dad, a drummer, was the "heartbeat" of the family.

Likewise, on July 18, 2020, Stause wrote a similar set of sentences to her dear mother.

"In disbelief that you are gone," she wrote in the opening sentence of her long caption.

Further, a sentimental Stause said she found comfort knowing her then-deceased father would take care of her mom.

She recalled watching her mother take her last breathe but said she was at peace knowing her parents were finally reunited.

In Stause's words, her mom was free from the pain that "plagued her time" while she was alive. 

Chrishell Stause Dedicated Dance Performance to Her Parents

On October 19, during her participation in the dance reality show, Dancing with the Stars, Stause paid tribute to her late mom and dad with her unforgettable dance.

Along with her dancing partner, Gleb Savchenko, the actress gave an emotional-filled performance on the song 'Stars' by Grace Potter And The Nocturnals.

"It was one of the songs I listened to on repeat when I was dealing with the loss of my parents," an emotional Stause told her dance partner during the rehearsals, reported the Us Weekly.

"This dance is for them," Stause told the judges and the watching audience.

After her performance, the actress said she "relied" on her parents and Savchenko to get through her dance.

The dancing duo was awarded a total score of 24 out of 30 for their performance, their then-high score to date.